"Nothing can make our lives, or the lives of other people, more beautiful than perpetual kindness." --Tolstoy

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A Kindness That Has Become A Habit

I go to the local grocery store and Dollar Tree once a week for my weekly shopping. Each time, in each store, I somehow end up with a very full ... read full story

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  • Posted by ali.gray56
  • Jul 12, 2014
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Ripples In The 5th Grade

Today, after having my 5th grade students share stories about what makes them smile, I shared the 21-day kindness challenge with them. They were super excited!  I had them write down ... read full story

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  • Posted by rkanani
  • Mar 28, 2014
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Feeding Others - Body And Spirit

I normally don't shop at Whole Foods. But I went tonight, to get some homeopathic pain cream and grab something from the salad bar for dinner. Out front was a ... read full story

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  • Posted by debbe530
  • Apr 24, 2014
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30 Days; 30 Acts of Kindness

I am currently participating in a "30 acts of kindness in 30 days" challenge which I set for myself. Let me explain. A dear friend of mine recently celebrated her ... read full story

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How did you practice
Kindness today?

  • Shared by shirleypema on Sep 30, 2014

    It makes me feel happy, experience kindness, by keeping heart and thoughts on others sucess, great or small. It's like a rare find, or discovery!
  • Shared by debrasutliff on Sep 30, 2014

    A new friend treated me to a very nice dinner and was interested in listening to my story about me. It was a very nice evening getting to know her a little better.
  • Shared by Forgive on Sep 30, 2014

  • Shared by Forgive on Sep 30, 2014

  • Shared by daniellepsych on Sep 30, 2014

    My 5 year old Daughter climbed into bed with me for a cuddle and said, I love you my beautiful angel xx
  • Shared by kbarry on Sep 30, 2014

    The smile on the face of my son when I got to pick him up from school today!
  • Shared by wavingatyou on Sep 30, 2014

    “May you dream the dreams of Angels where all your worries cease, whilst you sleep the sleep of the innocent, full of love contentment and peace”
  • Shared by mindyjourney on Sep 30, 2014

    Tuning in, dear friends. Blessings of the galaxy.
  • Shared by bmcwalker on Sep 30, 2014

    The young man who donated a kidney to my son also went to visit my terminally ill older brother today when no family members could go see him.
  • Shared by mindyjourney on Sep 30, 2014

    You really do, my friends :))). Blessings.

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