"Nothing can make our lives, or the lives of other people, more beautiful than perpetual kindness." --Tolstoy

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Christmas Basket of Love and Support

My beautiful 18-year-old daughter was admitted to psychiatric care. I visited her every day twice a day. She was the only patient who had visitors at every session; some were ... read full story

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  • Posted by RoseMarie
  • Dec 10, 2017
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Nursing Home Love Connection

There is a lady at the nursing home where my Dad is, and one day she stopped as she rolled her wheelchair down the hallway to tell me she loved ... read full story

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  • Posted by autumnsky38
  • Dec 9, 2017
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Sharing Warmth and Love

My friend waited at home with me the other evening whilst her partner drove mine and my son to the health centre. In the course of our conversation we ended ... read full story

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  • Posted by AndiCas
  • Dec 8, 2017
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Seeing The Aged Pup's Beautiful Soul And Embracing A Floral Gift

The lady was on the wide walkway as were my hubby and I. Her white-muzzled dog was behind her moving slowly. The dog caught my gaze and he grinned in ... read full story

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How did you practice
Kindness today?

  • Shared by MayEthel on Dec 10, 2017

  • Shared by MayEthel on Dec 10, 2017

    good night
  • Shared by leoladyc728 on Dec 10, 2017

    " Be brave enough to live the life of your dreams according to your vision and purpose instead of expectations and opinions of others," Roy T. Bennett
  • Shared by TheHuman on Dec 10, 2017

    Working hard to help family.
  • Shared by TheHuman on Dec 10, 2017

    Given 1% of my first salary to the person in need. If TheHuman gives 1% of money then its small kindness act. But if 1 lakh kindspringers give 1% to people in need then its a kindness revolution.
  • Shared by terraleadenn on Dec 10, 2017

    Sometimes listening and just saying, 'that must be tough for you' is all you can do. I did that today, for my friend, and for myself.
  • Shared by truthunltd on Dec 10, 2017

  • Shared by truthunltd on Dec 10, 2017

  • Shared by mindyjourney on Dec 10, 2017

    Noticed that the hotel housekeeper was Spanish speaking, so left this "Mucho Gracias" note, along with some tokens of our appreciation for her service :))).
  • Shared by healingtree on Dec 10, 2017

    Excellence in health means devoting your life to ending poverty. Patch Adams

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