"Nothing can make our lives, or the lives of other people, more beautiful than perpetual kindness." --Tolstoy

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Road Trip With Lasting Effects

“Smile!” I shouted, flashing a neon yellow poster at Seattle’s bustling crowd. We were three thousand miles away from home on a Random Acts of Kindness and Volunteerism Road Trip. Our ... read full story

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  • Posted by BlueBeacon
  • Jan 22, 2018
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Decluttering to Relieve Suffering

For years and years going home for the holidays has been bittersweet. My mom works hard to make me feel loved year around, and the holidays are no exception. She ... read full story

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  • Posted by kindness1st
  • Jan 19, 2018
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Taking the Time Really Matters

On the way to the train station we found a mobile phone on the street; battery out, seemed broken. I decided to pick it up and try to put it ... read full story

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Microscopic Actions With Profound Effects

This past fall, my husband and I stopped into the local Aldi for groceries. While checking out, I did my usual practice of responding to the cashier's usual, "How are ... read full story

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  • Posted by heirloommaters
  • Jan 17, 2018
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How did you practice
Kindness today?

  • Shared by mrselizabethm on Jan 22, 2018

    Today I wrote a card to two friends, which was yesterday's challenge. It felt good to write an old fashioned note. I picked up my daily trash on my walk.
  • Shared by patjos on Jan 22, 2018

    "Our greatest gift in life is the love we share" The Love Foundation. Happy day everyone! :)))
  • Shared by norahecaton on Jan 22, 2018

    Thank you for the journey! It was good to start off the new year with a sense of being mindful to the breath. I will move forward into 2018 with a greater sense of calm.
  • Shared by Helenconnell2 on Jan 22, 2018

    Prepared a little package to take to church next Sunday. Helena admired the earrings I was wearing so I thought I would make her some.
  • Shared by mnc_91 on Jan 22, 2018

    GC 22: Lemonade time with my new officemate... #2018GiftsofCharity
  • Shared by Rajni on Jan 22, 2018

    Lipstick Art https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/funonthenet/conversations/messages/44585
  • Shared by Mish on Jan 22, 2018

    ✨ My wish for everyone. May it be so. ✨ _/\_
  • Shared by Helenconnell2 on Jan 22, 2018

    Thanks from me too x
  • Shared by leoladyc728 on Jan 22, 2018

    It has been a really long weekend for me with work and on Saturday I came home and went to bed. Gave out some you matter cards and made several phone calls to check on friends who have been sick.
  • Shared by leoladyc728 on Jan 22, 2018

    " I am no bird and no net ensnares me. I am a free human being with an independent will" Charlotte Bronte

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