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The hardest arithmetic to master is that which enables us to count our blessings. -- Eric Hoffer

Day 3: What Do You Take For Granted?

The Idea: We human beings are remarkable creatures of habit. We quickly grow accustomed to the things in our lives, and though that can be a helpful trait, at times it renders us numb to our daily blessings. Every so often it can be incredibly powerful to look at your life from the outside, and to examine each facet of it that you ordinarily take for granted. The food you have access to in your fridge, senses of perception that enable you to read this email, little luxuries that surround you, and ordinary capabilities you don't ordinarily think of, but that not everyone can claim. Take a few moments to reflect on the things you take for granted today. Write them down in a journal, in a list or a poem, or perhaps share them with a friend in conversation. When you look at your life, really look at it, you start to realize how nothing is really ordinary at all. And nothing in it can be taken for granted ... it's all a gift. "Shelagh Was Here" is a deeply moving article about a woman who took nothing and no one for granted in her ordinary, magical life.

Idea of the Day
Reflect and Share
Share your gratitude reflection here and by the end you'll have 21 beautiful entries in one place! Read thoughts from other people and browse through additional resources and inspiration here.

My Gratitude Entry
"I can never repay the many researchers who worked tirelessly to perfect the treatment regimen that cured my 7-year old son of kidney cancer. All the doctors and nurses whose expertise and humanity blessed our lives ... can never be repaid." --Elaine
KindSpring Challenge: For 21 days participants do an exercise in gratefulness each day, share their stories and photos with the community. One small step at a time, we change ourselves and the world.

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