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Get Inspired: Recent Acts of Kindness

Shared by joanmrd on Nov 23, 2017

Story: “enjoy The Little Things, ... “Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.” —Robert Brault ================== I hosted the family dinner for my brother-in-law, sister-in-law, ...

Shared by leoladyc728 on Nov 23, 2017

Story: Nature Nature is so awesome. I love being in Central Park in NYC looking at all the trees and trying to imagine their stories. When I lived in Cape Cod, Ma. I used to by the pier outside my store and just wa...

Shared by mindyjourney on Nov 23, 2017

Story: In The Middle Of ... In the middle of all the after Thanksgiving dinner action: cardplayers, football watchers, song singers, dish doers, bean-bag toss teams, card creators...there was a super sense of greatfulness that b...

Shared by dpierce on Nov 23, 2017

Story: Smiling Because Of Song, Sound And Sister Pickwick - The Doe Bay Sessions (2011) - YouTube: Pickwick sang down the sun on the point on Thursday August 11th, 2011. Produced by Abbey Simmons and Josh Lovseth Directed, Filmed an...

Shared by littlegirdie on Nov 23, 2017

Idea: "Good night 🌑 friend "

Shared by mindyjourney on Nov 23, 2017

Story: A Joy Well Done, Dear Family! Before anyone was allowed to leave, they were encouraged to make a card for a child in hospital :)). Of course, I gave everyone a star sticker on their forehead for a job well done ⭐️. 18 han...

Shared by littlegirdie on Nov 23, 2017

Idea: "Before the Snow "

Shared by SM2000 on Nov 23, 2017

Idea: ""

Shared by Annc on Nov 23, 2017

Idea: "My inner compass has been influenced by many, many people and experiences, but it has been up to me to choose how to internalize those experiences and lessons and find my own true North."

Shared by MayEthel on Nov 23, 2017

Idea: "These creatures have a sweet thing going on.."

Shared by Rajni on Nov 23, 2017

Story: Friend Like You Are ... Friend like you are rare indeed              ..............from Nubia Group Friends are our chosen family. I am happy that I chose KS friends as family. I am fort...

Shared by LiliAB on Nov 23, 2017

Idea: "Resting after our family feast. Everyone is zen, even the dogs."

Shared by ShivaniS on Nov 23, 2017

Story: A Grateful Inconvenience Renovation & building work of our house was due to start last year around May/June...which then got delayed to Sept last year...but we put our plans on hold almost at the last minute as it didn...

Shared by patjos on Nov 23, 2017

Idea: ""Gratefulness is a state of loving awareness" The Love Foundation. Happy Day everyone! You shine so brightly! :)))"

Shared by savrajkaur on Nov 23, 2017

Idea: "A bolt of love, from the heavens above. I am so grateful for so much. Many blessings to all who are celebrating Thanksgiving today. 🙏❤️"

Shared by DANCE on Nov 23, 2017

Story: Joyous Day Such a wonderful day of kindness. Isn't it just fine when you can give and receive kindness all day long?! Helping people and receiving when you least expect it, those small things which mean so m...

Shared by Mish on Nov 23, 2017

Idea: " 🍁 Received this from the woman who created the You Matter Marathon I've been participating in & wanted to share it with you all. "

Shared by horse-friend on Nov 23, 2017

Story: Mandy Harvey's First Performance At Real Life | It Is Well - Youtube Mandy Harvey's first performance at Real Life | It Is Well - YouTube: Mandy Harvey performs "IT IS WELL" for the first time at Real Life ...

Shared by lt33 on Nov 23, 2017

Story: Relationships Relationships Are Assignments For ... Relationships Relationships are assignments for optimal growth and healing. No matter how happy or serene we may be, there are always those friends, family members, or co-workers who can get under ...

Shared by Mish on Nov 23, 2017

Story: A Thanksgiving Tradition Of Gratitudes I asked Mindy to send me the list of "gratitude prompts" she posted about this morning & printed out a bunch to take with us to our Thanksgiving celebration to share. I attached a Smile ...

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