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Shared by kiwicat on Sep 03, 2015

Story: Being Present I read the link above about mindfulness. It was really interesting! Ive got a lot of room for growth... And being present is one Ive been working on. My husband and I watch tv each with our Ipads as w...

Shared by kiwicat on Sep 03, 2015

Story: Farewelling A Good Egg I farewelled a close friend last night. She is American, but has been living in New Zealand for the past ten years. She has felt the call to be with her family so made the tough decision to sell up, p...

Shared by LuckyGirl on Sep 03, 2015

Story: Free Bird I will be driving today to the ocean with the intention of sitting at the beach, listening to the waves, smelling the ocean air and feeling the Outer Banks' wonderful breeze. I'm enjoying, now...

Shared by belana30 on Sep 03, 2015

Idea: "I gave a beggar money though I first thought that I have not mind for that in order to get a train. "

Shared by peggysars on Sep 03, 2015

Idea: "I mediate every morning from 6:30 until 7:00. This helps me practice mindfulness."

Shared by belana30 on Sep 03, 2015

Idea: "I tried to enjoy a 8,30 hour trainride and not get angry on things that did not work."

Shared by DotMatrix on Sep 03, 2015

Story: Ooops! Definitely need this today. It feels like I have been going full speed ahead downhill and I just rolled to the bottom in a heap. Giggling but a bit off-balance. Must go out. I apologize for absence la...

Shared by julie13 on Sep 03, 2015

Story: Let Tomorrow Happen Tomorrow before i read today's task, my husband asked me what was wrong... my text back was a complete stress about everything that needs to get done and all of the meetings that were scheduled in the next...

Shared by engelsjill on Sep 03, 2015

Idea: "I'm using a mindfulness app that chimes every hour or so to remind me to be present."

Shared by schumach on Sep 03, 2015

Story: Helpful Web Site For Mindfulness http://www.fungie.info/bell/# I've found the site above is helpful if you are spending a great deal of time at a desk and in front of the computer at work. I've had co-workers appreciate th...

Shared by kgagnon100 on Sep 03, 2015

Idea: ""

Shared by nere on Sep 03, 2015

Story: Day 2, And The Sun Shines Through The Leaves On The Wooden Table Day 2, sun shinning through the leaves of the tree in front of my window, what a great moment to stop and bring myself here, now. It has not been a very easy day and it is hard to bring my thoughts ba...

Shared by kgagnon100 on Sep 03, 2015

Story: Re: A Mindful Walk Downtown Today I took a mindful walk down town, and really took in the sounds of what I was hearing, the birds, sounds of leaves cringing, sound of cars, and I then ate my breakfast mindfully downtown as I con...

Shared by InsaneStar on Sep 03, 2015

Story: Day Two: Being In The Now I set a timer for 5 minutes and was going to just sit and be in the present during this time. To start with I noticed my posture was bad, then I listened for sounds and heard my cats water fountain, m...

Shared by cabbage on Sep 03, 2015

Story: Day 2 I was very mindful of the scenery and the changing skies and clouds while going to work today. I focused on my breath many times throughout the day. I was completely present and focused on my attentio...

Shared by debussy on Sep 03, 2015

Story: Facing Mecca Several years ago, when I was still working as an administrator at a local university, I noticed on several occasions a student (Muslims do this several times a day) bowing and praying ...

Shared by wavingatyou on Sep 03, 2015

Idea: ""

Shared by wavingatyou on Sep 03, 2015

Idea: "(((((AllofY'all)))) ♥"

Shared by bluesmama75 on Sep 03, 2015

Story: Returned Wallet About 2 weeks ago, my husband and I went to meet with our Bostonian daughter in Provincetown, Cape Cod. When we took her to the ferry to go home, I found a wallet, filled with credit cards, driver's l...

Shared by treleavendiane on Sep 03, 2015

Story: Peace Of Mind Today I focused several times on my breathing and sounds that I heard. The lovely birds chirping in my backyard, the airplanes soaring overhead, and the leaves rustling in the wind were just a few of ...

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