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Get Inspired: Recent Acts of Kindness

Shared by leoladyc728 on Apr 17, 2014

Story: Thursday My first grade student has me so wrapped around his little fingers. lol. He decided that we were to have story time before we do his homework. So today and Tuesday he picked out books from his collect...

Shared by Forgive on Apr 17, 2014

Idea: ""

Shared by Forgive on Apr 17, 2014

Idea: ""

Shared by kat94 on Apr 17, 2014

Story: Today Was Cold And ... Today was cold and rainy, so I spent most of my day inside. I thought to myself, I didn't do anything kind today. But just half an hour ago, I realized I was wrong. In fact...I do this kind act every ...

Shared by baabra1950 on Apr 17, 2014

Story: Even On The Worst Of Days, Love Shines In! My beloveds, i would like to thank whoever sent me a card in the post mail. It is sweet and i so needed a inspiration today! My pain and seizures are weighing me down , due to fatigue, stress upon me!...

Shared by Mish on Apr 17, 2014

Idea: "For all those facing challenges and in need of healing....... "Prayers and healing energy are coming your way" Blessed be."

Shared by Mish on Apr 17, 2014

Idea: ""Kindness is never wasted. When you are kind...it always matters. Each moment is your chance to make a difference." Everyone here makes a difference."

Shared by lewski711 on Apr 17, 2014

Story: Something In The Water This was my water day. I bought a handful of bottles at the dollar store. I packed a cooler this morning with the H2O and a few cans of soda as well as some ice packs. At the grocery store there wa...

Shared by eckyssister on Apr 17, 2014

Idea: "Y'all are good eggs ..."

Shared by mindyjourney on Apr 17, 2014

Story: In That Moment,when You ... In that moment, When you look at someone; See some hint of sadness; And you smile so true And wide and sincere, That they forget, And smile back. That is a perfect moment Of connection and lov...

Shared by PurpleJoy on Apr 17, 2014

Story: Appreciation Note I have known this friend for so long we kept in touch online but we never met because we lived far away from each other ( 13 hours drive) , last month I had this internship in the city he lives at so ...

Shared by xenahugs on Apr 17, 2014

Story: A Friend's Pet Today, a friend of mine wanted to talk to me, so I listened as she shared the story of how her family dog has been declining in health and how her mom held the pup for three hours this morning to try ...

Shared by SirJoe on Apr 17, 2014

Idea: "I sent 30 tulips to a dear friend today...just because. My intent is to brighten their day, make them smile, and let them know I appreciate them."

Shared by mindyjourney on Apr 17, 2014

Idea: "At a local drugstore, there is a barrel near the check-out where customers can easily donate items to be delivered to overseas military. Happy to add a few packages of gum and candy to the mix :))."

Shared by Rosh1227 on Apr 17, 2014

Story: #golden27project Number 5 Inspired by some of the kindness stories I read here, I decided my next #golden27 recipient would be my local librarians who I spent countless hours bugging with book recs and requests. Since this wee...

Shared by smileswithhope on Apr 17, 2014

Story: Crying Over Un-Spilled Milk Was so pleasantly surprised by a text message I received from a friend who has been going through a stressful last few months and is deep in her studies at med school. She wrote, "I was just tagge...

Shared by Jolly on Apr 17, 2014

Idea: "Quote of the day"

Shared by Mish on Apr 17, 2014

Idea: "Someone today needed the smile you gave them."

Shared by Peace2you on Apr 17, 2014

Story: Kindness To Local Vendors I prefer buying vegetables, fruits from the local vendors who sit by the roadside in heat, rain and cold..instead of bying it from AC malls.. we can be kind to those who are dependent on daily inco...

Shared by Mish on Apr 17, 2014

Idea: "So many blessings......... :))"

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