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Get Inspired: Recent Acts of Kindness

Shared by pianopoodle on Feb 07, 2016

Idea: "Today my husband and I attended church together - something we both enjoy. We love seeing friends there. We finished the puzzle we were working on in the afternoon. A good day together!"

Shared by lindariebel on Feb 07, 2016

Story: Helping The Opera Volunteers Today as I was in the lobby waiting to be admitted to an opera performance, I noticed that there was no jar or box to receive money left at the "Honor Bar" for cookies and coffee. I told thi...

Shared by servingsmiles on Feb 07, 2016

Story: Inner Compass My inner compass has been shaped mainly by scriptures my spiritual teachers and friends. Of late I am keeping my eyes and my mind open and I am realizing that every day there is something that we can ...

Shared by BlissForgive on Feb 07, 2016

Idea: "Take life day by day Take life day by day, and be grateful for the little things. Don't get stressed over what you can't control. Things don't change, only the way you look at them must change. "

Shared by BlissForgive on Feb 07, 2016

Idea: ""

Shared by kiwicat on Feb 07, 2016

Story: Dog Walking Favour Its a hot and humid day, my neighbour sent me a txt askng if I could help her as she has hurt her back. Her dog (the pound pup rescue) was very pleased to see me too. As I was leaving I offered to tak...

Shared by mindyjourney on Feb 07, 2016

Story: Made Quite A Blessing... Made quite a blessing of doves while watching the game :). Gave bro a flock to give to include with his care package to grandson in Afghanistan, along with some SMILE cards and hoppy frogs :)). ...

Shared by mindyjourney on Feb 07, 2016

Story: Superbowl 50 Party At ... SuperBowl 50 party at our home (husband is a HUGE football fan, me not so much). I really enjoyed the halftime show though, especially the I BELIEVE IN LOVE formed with cards held by fans in the st...

Shared by brindlegirl on Feb 07, 2016

Story: A Glowing Dahlia. Isn't ... A Glowing Dahlia. Isn't it beautiful ♡ It kind if reminds me of us all. How inside us all, deep within, we too glow. Today is a beautiful restful day at home for me. Cleaning, sorting, boring stuf...

Shared by Mish on Feb 07, 2016

Story: Time Present Moment......... “But time soon passes. Even the deepest pain eventually loses its edge in the more vivid reality of the present; then, what once was unbearable becomes strangely famil...

Shared by Mish on Feb 07, 2016

Story: Loving Our Inner Child ... Loving our Inner Child 🎈 “Everyone is born creative; everyone is given a box of crayons in kidergarten. Then when you hit puberty they take te crayons away and replace them with dry, uninspiri...

Shared by kjoyw on Feb 07, 2016

Idea: "Signing off early. Going to get into my jammies and do some reading. See you all tomorrow! "

Shared by AnnC on Feb 07, 2016

Idea: "Hoping everyone will have a Smiley week!"

Shared by GangadharM on Feb 07, 2016

Story: Navigators Of My Inner Compass As far as I remembered, I got some of my qualities from reading books. In my childhood, I was very shy and used to have a bit of low self-esteem. So I started reading books to overcome this. Whenever ...

Shared by jsmc10 on Feb 07, 2016

Idea: "I love everything about this picture. The quote is amazing and inspirational and the colours integrated makes me think that this would be something like mindy would do :)"

Shared by jsmc10 on Feb 07, 2016

Story: Nurse Turns Blizzard To Smiles, Brings Snow Inside For Hospitalized Kids - Good News Network Nurse Turns Blizzard to Smiles, Brings Snow Inside for Hospitalized Kids - Good News Network: This nurse made several trips outside, into a winter storm, to bring in huge bowls of snow so h...

Shared by splain on Feb 07, 2016

Story: splain I am not back to not being able to post normally. It doesn't annoy me at all now. I can still stay connected to this lovely, warm, KindSpring. I know the admin people would have really tried to al...

Shared by splain on Feb 07, 2016

Story: splain I too am having a lazy day. I was reading the posts and read Kindmyst's post on Eeyore. It was about people who have sadness and depression and how to be with them. so easy, just include and accept th...

Shared by kiwicat on Feb 07, 2016

Story: Three Bags Full (not Baa Baa Black Sheep Either!) We have a three day weekend this weekend :-) so hubby can watch the Superbowl today without having to take today (Monday) off work as it's a public holiday (hes a big sports fan) yesterday we...

Shared by melnotes on Feb 07, 2016

Story: Self Care Needing A Bit ... Self Care Needing a bit of self care today and realise how important it is to recognise that need, a little niggle in my physical body, an out of sorts mood or maybe just a day of low energy are all ...

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