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Get Inspired: Recent Acts of Kindness

Shared by ykaneda on Oct 22, 2014

Story: Day 19 : My ... Day 19 : my staff surprised me with a boss's day lunch! We love to eat at our office and we even had enough for leftovers! One thing I learned during this kindness journey is that when you are kind a...

Shared by bennetts81 on Oct 22, 2014

Story: Mindful Here In Now :) 1.When I woke up today I have had an intense dream I felt a bit anxious so I started my mindfulness practice. Right after I logged in and realise that was the actual task for today so I got happy feel...

Shared by dharmadonkey on Oct 22, 2014

Story: Day 2: Returning To Center Started work tense, but mindful attention to a former colleague's call broke me free of complaint mode. Worked well past regular lunch break, then while trying to eat at my desk, the boss called: ...

Shared by lightraes on Oct 22, 2014

Story: Who Knew? Re-centering Opened Acceptance And Compassion. I was surprised that I remembered to practice this throughout the day. The easiest time was when I was receiving a reiki treatment at a local adult center. I was able to set aside the mental chatter a...

Shared by bulgaa3 on Oct 22, 2014

Story: Surprise for office cleaner.. This morning i came to my office 1 hour earlier to help our office cleaner. She didn't come, was sick, So i cleaned the office to make her happier when she back tomorrow. It took me one and half hour,...

Shared by Joanmrd on Oct 22, 2014

Story: Giving Away Usable Items I am trying to give away a large bag of Tupperware items. The woman who responded to my Freecycle ad forgot yesterday and got lost today, so I hope she finds my house tomorrow. I just scheduled a pick...

Shared by jdgreenberg on Oct 22, 2014

Idea: "Kindness is...a friend who I hadn't seen in many years treating me to dinner - and a wonderful, heartfelt conversation..."

Shared by leonadvaz on Oct 22, 2014

Story: Day 21: Start A ... Day 21: Start A Gratitude Journal. Wow, I feel like this challenge was too short! What a fabulous way to stop and think about all the amazing experiences we have. Thank you for creating such a support...

Shared by carlapeterson on Oct 22, 2014

Story: Thanks! I resume my gratitude journal today and begin by expressing gratitude to all those who created this challenge and all those who posted responses I read. I experienced kindness from my husband who went...

Shared by leonadvaz on Oct 22, 2014

Story: Day 20: Give Back ... Day 20: Give Back To The Earth. I sat outside on my verandah yesterday and did my work and studies outside in nature. Felt great to be a part of the world, turned off all the lights in the house and j...

Shared by kiwicat on Oct 22, 2014

Idea: "I'm sad the 21 day challenge is finishing too. Thanks to people who read my posts when things weren't going so well and offered encouragement and kind words. I can't wait for the next one! "

Shared by sandyremillard on Oct 22, 2014

Story: Being Grateful And Giving ... Being grateful and giving thank you are one of the same! My thanks to all my kind friends that have moved, inspired, enrichened, hugged me, joked with me and made life so much richer! Today I speciall...

Shared by TheHuman on Oct 22, 2014

Idea: "I an feel earth as 'Planet of Love and Happiness' ... I am trying something... "

Shared by kat94 on Oct 22, 2014

Idea: "Open that door and watch abundance flow into your life "

Shared by sabdo on Oct 22, 2014

Story: Mindfulness On My B-day And In Pilates I did a pilates classes which definate ly keep me in the moment and in my body not my head. Had a wonderful focused conversation about importance of the breath in healing a stress reduction. Also it i...

Shared by AnnC on Oct 22, 2014

Story: Listening To A Stranger Today when I was at the Dollar Store buying trinkets for the Halloween party the teen center is putting on for the community kids, an older gentleman was having a tough time trying to figure out what ...

Shared by sandyremillard on Oct 22, 2014

Story: Today I Am Grateful ... Today I Am grateful I had a very nice luncheon with a dear friend and my sister in Longhorn. Great onion soup and mac and cheese indulgence...I truly appreciated the opportunity to meet. It's truly sp...

Shared by AnnC on Oct 22, 2014

Story: Day 21 - So Much To Be Grateful For I am very grateful for this Kindness Challenge and I have already signed up for another 21 day giving challenge which will start on December 1st  (click on join a new challenge on your perso...

Shared by mel37865 on Oct 22, 2014

Idea: "Today I got an award at work for being a great employee"

Shared by grace2014 on Oct 22, 2014

Idea: "The 21 day kindness challenge took me full circle back to my gratitude journal which I had stopped using in January of this year. Life is about being grateful."

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