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Shared by brindlegirl on Sep 22, 2014

Idea: "To all my perfect arrangements of atoms whom I share the joy of kindspring. Wishing you all the most love filled and kind week ahead ♥♡♥"

Shared by heartofflesh on Sep 22, 2014

Idea: "Not much to say except that I am thankful for all the invisible friendship over the net. If any of you come to Chennai India feel free to contact me. Have a good week !"

Shared by Mish on Sep 22, 2014

Story: Blessings Of A New ... Blessings of a new week of kindness......... A cup of cheer A new week is here We're on our way To share, love & play No doubts or worry We shall not hurry But skip along And sing our kindness song ...

Shared by Mish on Sep 22, 2014

Story: No Worries..... Worry?! Why? , ... No worries..... Worry?! Why? , do you really think something could go "wrong"? Are you not eternal? Have you forgotten how much you're loved? Don't you see how far you've already come? Could you p...

Shared by sara346 on Sep 22, 2014

Story: Breakfast! I work as a carer supporting people with learning disabilities - a new girl was relieving me from a long shift, and as I left she told me that she had forgotten tea-bags and food (we do long over-nigh...

Shared by Forgive on Sep 22, 2014

Story: Lovely Two Poems. 1) There're things I don't understand Birth, death and All the suffering. Where one comes from Where'll one go to Why all this struggle About crises and changes? ...

Shared by Forgive on Sep 22, 2014

Story: Nothing Is More Important That Prayer. And that really taught me a lesson. How can i complain when I have a good job? How can I be lazy when this Job is exactly the reason why i have a good life? And I even asked myself why it happened...

Shared by rodwill17 on Sep 21, 2014

Story: A Day At The Commons I went to the international Day of Peace event in Melbourne Australia. I arrived early as I was on my Pushbike and it didn't take me as long as I thought. I helped set up and met this remarkable w...

Shared by LaughEveryDay on Sep 21, 2014

Story: So Grateful About Today Today, my wife and I went to a restaurant. I left a generous tip and the waitress came to our table and thanked us very much. We don't know what others are going thru so I am really grateful about...

Shared by Afreen on Sep 21, 2014

Story: Everything Is Just Right :-) I love how the author described "sufficiency" as not related to the quantity of anything... but rather as a mindset. It makes so much sense! I took a couple minutes before heading off to ...

Shared by kiwicat on Sep 21, 2014

Idea: "I hope the weather would be warm and sunny, and have a picnic at the beach with my family and best friends with my dog running around happily. "

Shared by dianne.yvonne on Sep 21, 2014

Idea: "I practiced kindness while away on a vacation by letting others with less mobility than me be in front. It was greatly appreciated and I made a new friend from another country"

Shared by nicolrenee1968 on Sep 21, 2014

Story: Kindness In All Of Its Many Forms Is Just As Sweet As many of you know, my weekends are filled with work at the pet orphanage trying to find homes for those less fortunate pets who have found themselves on hard times. As such, my weekends are often fo...

Shared by cabbage on Sep 21, 2014

Story: Sunday Made a lot of extra food for a potluck dinner so everyone could have extra for tomorrow. Baked special cookies for a friend. Left an orchid and a card for an elderly neighbor whose birthday is coming ...

Shared by kimmalakou on Sep 21, 2014

Story: Help From Unexpected Places A friend emailed me some extra study notes to help me with my up coming exams in October! And then another friend did the same. And another! Suddenly there was all this help from the universe all at o...

Shared by buglips on Sep 21, 2014

Idea: "I have been sharing NImo's "grateful" song with lots of people. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sO2o98Zpzg8 "

Shared by rparenton on Sep 21, 2014

Idea: "Today I told my mom, and my best friend for over a decade that they meant the world to me and to not let the hard times get them down. Press forward. "

Shared by kat94 on Sep 21, 2014

Story: Sunday Funday What I treasure about Sunday's is the time I get to spend with my dad. With my school and his work, I only really get to see him evenings or the weekend. This afternoon he had to clean a few apartm...

Shared by arielnessel on Sep 21, 2014

Story: Listening With A Smile Today just listening with a smile, and with gratitude, to the last 15 minutes of our phone call felt like I was offering my co-conspirators in kindness a gift (or at least it felt as though I was rece...

Shared by praveen on Sep 21, 2014

Story: Noble Friendships As I sat down to reflect on what do I have enough of, a lot of things came to my mind. Indeed, I have enough of a lot of things. But one of them stood out today - my friendships and community. It'...

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