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It All Started With Her Young Son's Bicycle Tire

When you are kind, the world becomes kind. This was my son's experience last week. He went out biking but as soon as he was out on the track, the tire gave way. While he was struggling, a stranger stopped by to help him carry the bike home and while they were doing so, a lady in a car saw them and offered to give them a ride home. These two encounters left my son in awe for the world. He was beaming and couldn't stop saying: "People are really good!"

He in turn wanted to do something nice the next evening. On our return home from the temple, we picked up two boxes of doughnuts, one for our friend's daughter and the other for my son. As soon as my husband and I handed him the doughnuts, he went around the car park offering one to each cleaner and helper.

That spontaneous act of kindness made us parents very happy. :)

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Magic in a Simple Gesture

As I share the experience of this random act of kindness, I'm wearing my widest smile. I usually go to my workplace coffee shop to place an order but this Wednesday, it was slightly different. I called the four member crew, asked them to make a choice of a drink and snack (in their shop) and bought it for them instead. At first, they didn't sense what was happening but when truth dawned, they were surprised and a bit embarrassed. However, I explained that it was an act of appreciation and they were truly deserving. This brought a 'big' smile and a loud, 'thank you' in unison. I had for a long time nursed a desire to reach out to them but my doubting mind had always had an upper hand. On this day too, I had thoughts like, 'What if they refuse?', 'What if the place is crowded?', 'What if they ... Read Full Story >>

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My Favorite Way To Start the Day

There's a massive construction going on in the area where I live. I've been told that this open area which was home to migratory birds in the winter and a walker's paradise will soon house hundred 'villas'. It may or may not be a good initiative but change is inevitable. So now, what used to be an open space of trees is replaced by bulldozers, noisy machines , construction vehicles. and workers. So now every morning while packing lunch, I prepare bags of fruits and water for the men who work here as appreciation for their effort and the interaction is beyond rewarding. I feel this is the best way to start a day. The beaming smile on each of their faces when you hand them this little bag melts your heart.. The content may actually be nothing but for them to feel cared is what really matters. I now have Mr. Khan, ... Read Full Story >>

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Sharing a Tiny Space with Big Heart

On his way home, my husband noticed a family struggling in the middle of the road with their malfunctioning car. Though he was dead tired having worked for twelve hours, he stopped to give them a ride in his tiny car.

The family of six struggled to make place for each other and my husband expressed how apologetic he was as his car wasn't too comfortable for the family. The father then replied, "Your car is small, but your heart is BIG, so thank you for your generosity."

It's always nice to do whatever we can to make a difference!

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He Turned This Barista's Frown Upside Down

As I walked into my workplace coffee shop for my daily dose of Latte, the soft-spoken cashier greeted and asked when I was making a trip to India, my home country. I told him it would be in two months and his face lit up. He's from India too, so I asked him the same question to which his rather sad reply was, "not too soon".

Well, to cheer him up, I started a casual conversation, asked him what he liked about Dubai and his job. In a bit, he was his cheery self and that made me feel good. I intend to give him a little surprise tomorrow. Shhhhh...don't tell him. ;)

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Serving The Park

Went to the neighborhood park for early morning walk with a friend but noticed litter everywhere. It wasn't at all a pleasant site and dangerous for the birds and cats . So, in all kindness , we got down to clean our beautiful space.

Meanwhile, the gentleman in charge arrived and together we made it green and sparkly..
Next Saturday, we intend to do the same and invite everyone there for some community service/ 'seva' and fun.

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