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Kindness and Inclusion at the Jam Session

I was enjoying listening to wonderful music at a jam session and one of the people who wanted to go up and jam was not being included. I heard him say, "They always leave the Indians for last" He seemed very angry. So I went up to the man who was organizing the jam and told him that this man thought he was being left out because he was an Indian (Native American).

The organizer apologized for the oversight. The Native American guy went up and played his drums. When he came back to his seat he had a big smile on his face and said," That was so fun!"
I felt good being

able to see a place where a little bit of kindness and inclusion was needed! 

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Forests Need Our Help

As I was sitting on a bench in the forest I noticed someone had left a lighter. I took it away so no child could start a fire. There are far too many forest fires started by people. There was also empty containers and napkins on the ground which I put into a garbage can. This was my small part to help our beautiful environment here in North Vancouver, B.C. 

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