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Kindness And Care For Late Night Office Workers

--by ramgoyal, posted Jan 8, 2016
There are a number of people who were work late at the office and I thought by the time they get home it would have been seven or eight hours since lunch. Therefore, I ordered some pizzas so that we could have a quick break and bite to eat before finishing off our work. This was greatly appreciated and enjoyed by everybody.
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savraj wrote: So nice of you!
mindyjourney wrote: Pizza is such a great way to appreciate! Thank you :)
kjoyw wrote: Great Pizza Kindness!
deepee wrote: Great sharing!
janetdav wrote: agree with you , thoughts are powerful and yes they are very important too...
sandyremillar wrote: beautiful!!!
splain wrote: Great way to keep staff happy
AndiCas wrote: Lovely gesture and a great way to share
mandymoo900 wrote: Bless you. Such practical and thoughful kindness. :)
lt33 wrote: Pizza love 🍕🍕💜💜

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