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'Adopting' the Elderly Over the Holidays

--by healingtree, posted Feb 13, 2016
Oh, I sincerely hope I am not repeating myself! If I am, please forgive me. But I share this in case any one would like to do it next year---and I truly recommend making the effort. Before Christmas I found a charity that was looking for workers to check on the elderly.

I am not looking for a job, so I wrote instead and asked if I could send gifts to 15 or so people of their choosing, and a host of Christmas cards to more elderly shut-ins. I said I'd send the gifts to them so they could vet it, along with wrapping paper and ribbons, to please wrap up once they saw the gift was nice and A-ok. Thankfully they agreed.

The same with the cards, I left them unsealed so they could read the message and be certain it was all on the up and up. Really getting into it, I even designed little colorful decorations on the cards to make them personal, and signed them with my name and the name of the charity, so they wouldn't be confused as to who I was. I left it to the charity to decide who would best receive a card. This was so much fun!  

I loved writing all of these cards for people who might not receive much attention at the holidays. And if I had more money I would have given more gifts but could only send about 20 little gift bags of lip balm, special soaps, moisturizers, and so on. I was afraid to send candy in case someone had diabetes.

Anyway, it was a great pleasure for me. And according to the charity, who kindly wrapped up my gifts with the paper I gave them, and then sent and gave everything to recipients all over the place, it was much appreciated. I hope so.

But I know I was the one who benefited most, as it was a joy trying to cheer strangers up who I knew would be shut-in due to illness at the holidays. What an honor for me!!!! Such a little thing to do, but maybe it made at least one person smile. Truly hope so. That was the intention, but one just puts the love out there and hopes for the best.
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Mary Juszynski wrote: Wow! What an angel you are! I also have a soft heart for many of our seniors who no longer have family and friends around who can help them and look for a special moment in their day to have a smile and a thought that someone cares. Bless you!
mightym wrote: Wow! You are truly an angel! I too have a soft heart for many of our senior citizens who have outlived their families and friends and are in poor health so do not have a large social network. Bless you for caring about those who have spent many years helping others and can use a smile to brighten their day!
Marleen wrote: ..makes me all warm inside!! Grand gesture ^_^
leoladyc728 wrote: I am sure it was a joy for them too.
terre wrote: Love how you came up with these ideas and a way to get them to people who could use them, while honouring the organization by letting them vet what you sent. Thank you.
mindyjourney wrote: such beautiful giving, my friend <3. so many hearts were brightened by your actions. thank you :)
horsegirl21 wrote: lovely gesture:))
savraj wrote: You are such a thoughtful person. These people need kindness angels like yourself. And you thought of every detail. Bravo!
mish wrote: Bless you for putting the love out there ❤️
Rippleffect wrote: What a lovely probably made many people happy! Thank you XO

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