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An unfortunate bird gets the help it needs

--by ManmohanW5, posted Feb 15, 2016
Kite flying has unintended cruelty, to the the hapless birds who get entangled in the deadly string, attached to the kites.These days in India we have a religious kite flying festival. Last evening, just before dusk, I spotted a pigeon badly entangled in the razor sharp string, hitting the wall and the tree branches, to free itself the kite string.

Fortunately, the same string was entangled on the building terrace. Immediately I sent my helper, Narain, to get to the terrace and try to pull up the hapless bird, gently. With a great patience, he pulled up the injured bird. With the help of scissors, we tried to disentangle the bird, by cutting the deadly thread. 

We brought him to our flat, cleaned his badly bruised wings, applied the turmeric powder (Considered to to have medicinal values.) gave him the boiled rice and water. Placed the bird in a safe place hoping that it will be able to pull through the night.

In the morning we found our injured guest flew away, hopefully to safety. We hope those enjoying the hobby of kite flying will be careful, of not injuring the helpless birds too. 
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Readers Comments

leoladyc728 wrote: I have been taking Turmeric too. So wonderful how you rescued that bird. Thank you.
ManmohanW5 wrote: Thanks you all for the encouraging comments. Rev Mother Teressa was an embdiment of compassion, in recent times. Man Mohan Walia
bountiful wrote: beautiful gift of tenderness gift of joy for this bird ::(((
bountiful wrote: ooops meant to be :::))))))))))))))))))))
ManmohanW5 wrote: It is heartening to note, that the Appex court of the country, isd siezed, with the problem, and is seriously considering a ban on the kite flying. MMW
melnotes wrote: Thank you for your kindness and the awareness of how kites can be quite harmful to birdlife!
mindyjourney wrote: thank you and your helper for caring for the injured bird, my friend. So very very kind! Blessings.
Marleen wrote: Turmeric is great stuff indeed, most yellow coloured foods have healing / cleansing properties if i am not mistaken
horsegirl21 wrote: nice job to help the bird:))
mish wrote: Never realized the potential harm kites can pose for our feathered friends! Bless you both for coming you the aid of this poor creature . So glad he was healed enough to fly free.

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