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Scarves For The Homeless

--by Mish, posted Feb 16, 2017

😊From Baby Blankets to Scarves.....

I have, for now, switched my crochet "give-always", from blankets for babies, to scarves for the homeless. The switch was motivated by mindyjourney's post about providing scarves for the homeless population in South Dakota. Another KindSpring inspired RAK.

Love & light in every stitch is my crochet mantra. Blessed to serve.❤️

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Peace_spirit wrote: Dear mish, this is super amazing. Last night i lay awake thinking about ways to serve those around and expand to those that need to be needed. Was thinking of approaching some elderly ladies to knit 100 scarves. Getting ready for our winter in south africa. A scarf and a bowl of soup. This is what i came up with last night.
We must have angels that are related somehow. Bless you my dear
leoladyc728 wrote: Are you going to give them out in the city?
AndiCas wrote: Most welcome when the temperatures are so low. Whilst there is no group more 'deserving' than another, I'm inclined to think that the homeless are more likely to be forgotten giftswise than babies.
horse-friend wrote: Sweet idea! I like the gentle colors. :-)
leoladyc728 wrote: love the scarf. I know your love will keep many a homeless person warm.
Rajni wrote: Hope you will warm up many needy persons,
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you!!! Its such a lovely rainbow scarf and will keep whoever receives, extra warm with your Love and Light stitched into its' create <3.
gardengal10 wrote: Those will be so appreciated. And they are beautiful gifts of warmth.
splain wrote: That is so thoughtful of you. Thank you.
Annc wrote: A true blessing

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