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A Quarter's Worth Of Happiness

--by mindyjourney, posted Feb 18, 2017
Used the money changer machine to turn some dollars into quarters, then preloaded various candy vending machines.

This is one of my favorite random things to do!

Gives me a smile when I think of a child finding and feeling special with their good fortune.

That's a lot of happiness for a few quarters!
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Sanyogita wrote: What a great deed.
Love to see little ones smiling.
Mish wrote: And, dentists love this too!!! Lol lol lol
splain wrote: I would love to find that with these lollies or the rides or even money in the ones in the ladies rooms. Oh, that is a good idea as well
leoladyc728 wrote: wish I was there. lol
Annc wrote: Such a nice gesture. I like to do this in the little rides they have at the mall.

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