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The Difficult Woman I Found Loving-Kindness For

--by thewritestuffrva, posted Feb 17, 2017
This week I posted I had started practicing a loving kindness meditation. I had an experience today that was so amazing I have to share. I actually saw the woman I sent loving energy to during the part of the practice where you think of someone you consider difficult and send loving kindness, as you can. Usually when I see her, I am sorry to say, I do not think well of her based on her past behavior towards myself and others.

Today when I saw her it was as if I was observing her for the first time. I cannot say I was overfilled with love---but I did not have any negative thoughts or vibes! I am so grateful for this---to where I came back to my job and did a 10 minute meditation until my client was ready to be picked up.

I have been struggling with the ugliest of emotions the past months, due to events happening in our country---I am beginning to see a light, where I can consider I can be an even better version of the woman I strive to be daily. Needless to say, loving kindness meditation will be part of my daily practice.

I thank each of you, blessing each of you where you are and for the good energy you share globally through what you do where you are--hugs to everyone:>)
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mindyjourney wrote: Such a strong practice! and you are feeling the wonderful affects :)))). Grateful.
Mish wrote: It is transformative. Absolutely.
splain wrote: Isn't it amazing that when you change your thoughts, everything changes. Love the post
Annc wrote: Thank you for this beautiful post.
leoladyc728 wrote: there is much light out there. You will find it, just be open to it.
alisamom wrote: Loving kindness mediation truly is miraculous that way. I'm so glad you are feeling more love even for difficult people 💜💜💜

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