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Learning About A Religion Not My Own

--by GigiSky, posted Mar 20, 2017
Tonight I went to a program at the local library to learn more about a religion that isn't mine. A gentleman was there from the local mosque to explain the Muslim "Call to Prayer." It was so helpful of him to share the beautiful recordings of Adhan, answer questions and share his faith with us in a friendly and non judgmental way. The audience was very curious and supportive of him. It is beautiful when we all share in the love that makes the world go round!
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Thoughtful wrote: In awe of your openess. To want to understand is a measure of tolerance, compassion and kindness!
Rajni wrote: The biggest problem of today is people just assume with the little knowledge they have. Many problems do not arise in the first place or can be solved when talked with non judgemental mind. Thanks for sharing
kmbhai wrote: Can we live or think without religions..
Mish wrote: We need more of this kind of sharing in our world. Awesome!
gardengal10 wrote: The more we know, the closer we become.
leoladyc728 wrote: so glad that people are coming together.
splain wrote: A very powerful way of connecting and good relations
mindyjourney wrote: How nice to have this open forum to share and promote understanding :))). Thank you for attending and those who participated!

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