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The Special Way She Celebrates Her Birthday Had her Friends Wanting To Do The Same

--by SANYOGITA, posted Mar 20, 2017
I love my very close best friend who is very generous, kind, loving, caring, and helpful. She is always helping out people in need. Her profession is a lawyer,  but she is very kind at heart and very humble as a person.

Every year on her birthday she visits an orphanage  and gifts the little ones with some toys, some eatables, or sometimes what they really are in need of.

This birthday she made a promise to share her kindness act with her friends in their circle meeting. Her friends all decided to celebrate their birthdays in the orphanage and gift the children with various snacks! So now, on every members birthday, they come together to spread joy and love to those children who really want someone to love them.

There are almost 380 children in house. My friend does every bit she can to help the needy.  Maybe we could also promise to celebrate our birthdays with orphaned children. We could love them and bring more smiles to their faces. Anyone care to join us?
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kjoyw wrote: Wonderful!
leoladyc728 wrote: such kindness. those children so need to feel the love
RoseMarie wrote: Fantastic x 💓
Mish wrote: Totally wonderful! ❤️
splain wrote: I think this is one of the loveliest ideas I have heard of. Celebrate your birthday with the children. Really thoughtful
mindyjourney wrote: That's the true way to celebrate! By giving :))). What a beautiful and kind person is your friend and you as well. thank you.

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