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"There Are Plenty of Good People In The World"

--by mindyjourney, posted Mar 19, 2017
Offered to pay for the Subway sandwich of the ambulance driver behind me in line.

He politely declined, saying, "Thanks, but pay for someone who needs it. I'm independently wealthy!" he joked.

So, I purchased a gift card for a price of a meal (plus tax), to do as he requested. Then he gave me the choice of a cookie that came with his meal, since he was diabetic.

Gave him a dove, and the cashier as well, because doves are sugar-free and always welcome with their message of Peace.

And wouldn't you know, on the way back to my car, gave the the Statue of Liberty man waving at folks (to draw them into a business) the gift card!!!

The Universe so presents those opportunities when we are open to them.

The Statue of Liberty man was so grateful and said that someone else had bought him a sandwich a few days ago and that there are plenty of good people in this world.

Must be true if the Statue of Liberty says so! <3

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kjoyw wrote: What special kindness! Hope Statue of Liberty enjoys his sandwich!
pyronik wrote: how the universe works her magic :-)
leoladyc728 wrote: we have the tax people who have people dress us as the Statue of Liberty here too. Thank you for all your kindness today
lya348 wrote: It's amazing how quickly kindness can spread.
33crickets wrote: What a cool thing for you to do. I really liked the ambulance drivers response too!
Rajni wrote: Thanks sister Mindy for an RAOK and inspiring others.
Mish wrote: I love your post!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
shellspire wrote: thank you for your giving spirit
janfour wrote: i know those jobs are not fun & pay low - good for you!!
healingtree wrote: That's the spirit 🌞🌻🌼πŸ₯πŸ˜„

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