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Seeing Other's Kindness Ripple Out

--by mindyjourney, posted Apr 21, 2017
Found this card on a table in the lobby yesterday at the health club. LOVE IT!

I do a lot of Random Acts Of Kindness there and to see them start to ripple out and make more, well it just made my day!

Never doubt, my kind friends. We are making a difference ❤️

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Madronaman wrote: Infinite in value indeed!
jdunning74 wrote: Amen!!! :-))
petroskryf wrote: Soo beautiful ...
kjoyw wrote: This is just great! I would love to know where to order these. So wonderful to see those kindness ripples growing. We ARE making a difference!
autumnsky38 wrote: I love you all!
leoladyc728 wrote: great message. the ripples are starting.
Mish wrote: The Universe sent you that card, twinner ❤️
LiliAB wrote: Love ❤️ and let ❤️ Grow . Sending out 💗💞💕💗💞💕 to all who read this. Extra for ((((Mindy)))))
Rajni wrote: This is just like our Smile card, Let Love prevail in this world.
healingtree wrote: Love that message! And if no one has told you yet (because they are still sleeping or something, as I can't imagine it) I love you, Mindy! Anyone else reading this, sending out love to you too!!! 💙◠‿◠☀ °•♡•°✻*️*✶♪*¨😀✿¨*✫* ✻*

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