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Life is Better When We Smile

--by Mish, posted May 19, 2017
Miles of Smiles!

Was able to share many smiles today on the subway, at the medical center, the restaurant and on the bus. My smile muscles really got a good workout!

But the best part was the open-hearted sharing that a few of my smiles and friendly banter elicited in three gals that work at the medical center. It felt like a "contact-high"!

By the time we returned home my face hurt (a good hurt) from smiling and all my origami peace doves were gifted away.

I want to share a comment that KS member Kmbhai called in on the day Mindy & I were guest speakers on an Awakin Call a few years ago:

"I think a smile is the most precious thing on earth and we can't buy it from anywhere. Most people have lots of problems in their lives, so they have forgotten to smile. But KindSpring gives them an opportunity to smile and be happy. This is most important." ~ Kmbhai

❤️Grateful to KindSpring for enabling me to know the power of our smiles. I smile much more since being part of our KS community.

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leoladyc728 wrote: you have a wonderful and love filled smile. How did the dr. appt. go?
Rajni wrote: WE are not supposed to keep smile for ourselves only. Make others smile too. Thanks for miles of smiles.
chefdaddy1 wrote: So true so true, I like very much
splain wrote: I can feel your smile. It is the best way to connect. Love what kmbhai said
kjoyw wrote: Wonderful post! So glad you shared so many happy smiles and thanks for sharing kmbhai's comment as well. "Let us all meet each other with a smile, because a smile is the beginning of love." ~ Mother Teresa
mindyjourney wrote: I can see your smile from here!!! :)))) How wonderful are our smiles and connections 😊 ❤️. Grateful!

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