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Hot Chocolate On The House

--by ms_joy, posted Jun 17, 2017
Someone shared joys of kindness with me today. It started my Monday real well, too, and is a universal affirmation that feels encouraging.

It was at my familiar convenience store, in the Friendly St.. neighborhood, where I sometimes stop for hot chocolate on a cold morning before going to teach. This morning, that was all I was getting. To my surprise, the clerk just said, "You know what. You are a nice customer. It is on the house, today." It was very nice of him.
Keep sharing joys!
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Mish wrote: Sweetness 👍
mindyjourney wrote: Always a pleasant surprise when kindness boomerangs back around to us! ;:))
kmbhai wrote: wonderful morning..
leoladyc728 wrote: glad you were gifted the hot chocolate.
ms_joy wrote: The taste was the same, cold by the time I was able to drink it all, lol...still very much appreciated, as usual. -)
SissyLee wrote: Love the Friendly Street market. They live up to their name.
Pyronik wrote: Nice :-) did it taste even better?

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