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Incredible Edibles

--by Mish, posted Jun 18, 2017
"N.D.G.'s Incredible Edibles: Sidewalk gardens sprout for fifth season"

"Montreal is taking a stand against hunger by planting community gardens along the city's sidewalks. This project “puts accessible, organic, local food in plain view so people realize that we can use urban space to grow food, to share it and to build community,” according to founding member, Sonya Girard.
Let's get everyone on board and plant community gardens all over the world."


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Oliver wrote: Thank you this brightens up my day
Lili AB wrote: This is happening both here in our state capital and also in the state capital where my son and family live. What a great use of public space and edible opportunities abound.
marie2000 wrote: This story has really cheered me up. What a fantastic idea!
I will also be sharing this to see if we can join in.
leoladyc728 wrote: we have several here
mindyjourney wrote: Such a great idea and great use of our public spaces :)). Noticed a few tomato plants in median near homeless day shelter in IL :)))). It ALL make a difference.
splain wrote: These are really taking off here in Canberra. 'such a great idea
michelelpurce wrote: W\hat an awesome idea. :)
Helenconnell2 wrote: What a wonderful idea. I will mention it to someone here and see if we can join in. Xxx 😊

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