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Laundromat Clean Up

--by gerriMarie, posted Jul 17, 2017
I was at the Laundromat yesterday during a storm. The power went out and my clothes were mid-cycle. There was nothing to do but wait. While waiting, I decided to tidy it up. I put the carts and magazines away, organized the bulletin board, folded the items in the lost clothes bin and picked up and disposed of dryer strips. As I finished, the power was restored and the Laundromat looked very welcoming.
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kjoyw wrote: What a very kind thing to do! Bless you!
leoladyc728 wrote: thanks for doing
ms_joy wrote: Beautiful way to put the gift of time and ability to kind use! :)
mindyjourney wrote: A kind use of time ❤️. Thank you!
gardengal10 wrote: You made lemonades from lemons. Good for you!
Alisamom wrote: Wow that was very nice if you, well done!!!!
Mish wrote: You made Kind use of your wait time 👍👍

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