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Horchata Down!

--by Madronaman, posted Aug 12, 2017
I was at the taco truck the other day getting an horchata, which is a Mexican rice beverage that tastes like rice pudding. The vendor handed three young girls their horchatas, and then started to make one for me. A moment later and I looked over to see them staring down at the ground where the youngest, a girl of about 5, had dropped hers. Another opportunity for kindness! The timing was perfect to show them that even perfect strangers care with nothing expected in return.

The vendor handed me the horchata, but when I turned to give it to her the girls were gone! Fortunately they were walking up the street a short distance away, so I ran after them and gave her the drink. And then went back and got one for myself because that stuff is delicious!
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Janetpoe944 wrote: So nice of you to do . My oldest daughter is in Kentucky and was on the phone with me one day and said said all the little kids in her apartment building were at the ice cream truck buying ice cream but she noticed one little girl standing to the side just watching the others looking sad so she asked the mom if she could get her an ice cream , the mom and daughter were overjoyed . She made a new friend that day and I couldn't have been more proud of her 💓
Madronaman wrote: I love it when those opportunities come up! It's like your kindness is multiplied by the circumstances.
leoladyc728 wrote: thanks for doing. I have never tasted one
Mish wrote: Well done!!! 👍
kjoyw wrote: Very wonderful kindness for that young girl!
mindyjourney wrote: It is tasty stuff :))))). Thank you for lifting girl's spirits with a kind horchata !
LiliAB wrote: Yumminess is both your kindness and savoring horchata
DANCE wrote: very kind
alisamom wrote: That's was so nice if your, I bet you made those kids very happy!

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