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Quarters For an act of Kindness To Pay Forward

--by ms_joy, posted Aug 12, 2017
I usually use my debit card to pay for the library parking meter. This time, I was only planning to be there for a few minutes to print out a document. I only had a few coins and a $1 bill, but only coins were accepted.

I asked a nearby lady if she had change for a dollar. She looked at the machine with me, and after a while, offered me a quarter to go with the change I already had. 

I smiled, gratefully, and said I would share the kindness forward. Yesterday, while at a free library class, I placed a quarter on the machine to lend a bit of peace to the next person. I hope it helped! 
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glenystas wrote: Kindness is contagious, lovely way to go
leoladyc728 wrote: nice kindness on both ends
mindyjourney wrote: Great to share the kindness of coins :))
DANCE wrote: Great
kjoyw wrote: Great paying it forward kindness!
Mish wrote: Good PIF 👍
Janetpoe944 wrote:
michelelpurce wrote: I can feel the kindness ripples over here. :) My heart is smiling. Have a beautiful day ! :)

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