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She Was You or My sister, My Niece, My friend...

--by mindyjourney, posted Sep 4, 2017
Our pink-haired, tattooed, multi-bracelet wearing waitress had the most engaging demeanor and helpful smile!

Along with the tip, I handed her a special Peace dove packet that also included a Smile card and a woven bravelet (bracelet and poem).

"Wow! How long did it take you to make this (the bravelet)?" she asked. "A few mintues?"

"About an hour and a half." I replied, smiling.

Her eyes lit up and her mouth formed a little suprised "o."

I think she was genuinely touched that someone would give away something to a complete stranger that they had spent so much time making.

But truly, she was no stranger. She was you, or my sister, niece, daughter.

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swaruppdesh wrote: Wowww. Love. :)
littlegirdie wrote: This is a lovely story. You are special.
leoladyc728 wrote: she sounds like she loved your gifts
autumnsky38 wrote: Awwww. Sigh. ❤️❤️❤️
Mish wrote: So true twinnie, we ARE all related......LOVE ❤️
DANCE wrote: thank you for doing this
healingtree wrote: A beautiful little tale. Thank you for the gifting---you never know what good you might be doing.

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