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Circle Of Kindness

--by autumnsky38, posted Sep 4, 2017
Today I realized how our own little kindnesses come back to us. I go to the same stores a lot, and while I was in one of them today, several of the people who work there said the nicest things to me.

There was the man who smiled and said "How ya doing honey?", the youngish girl who said, "It's SO good to see you!", and the manager who reminded me of our chat about video games recently and asked my latest game was and wanted to chat more about it soon.

I feel like I'm gradually coming out of my shell and meeting more people, and the way they treat me makes me feel so warm inside. I guess it really true that we do get back what we give!

Feeling blessed and after a difficult day, that means a lot to me!
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SissyLee wrote: I went into a antique/treasure/junk store I love but hadn't been into in awhile. The owner saw me and said, I was just thinking about you and another person I hadn't seen in so long. I worry when my old regulars don't pass through. So glad to see you! I had no idea. But she does know I love her store! And she is tremendously kind, herself.
Mish wrote: Law of attraction :)
leoladyc728 wrote: great you are making these new friends
mindyjourney wrote: We find loving community where we put our energy, my friend :). So glad you are finding kindred smiles :)))
AndiCas wrote: Lovely post Autumnsky. Yes, we get back what we give - tenfold!
splain wrote: They are responding to how you normally treat them. So lovely to get back what you give
littlegirdie wrote: Nice to be real
Mnc_91 wrote: Happy for you drear friend :-)
pyronik wrote: yay :-) (((autumnsky)))

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