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Setbacks & Celebrations

--by rajeshpmenon, posted Sep 7, 2017
In my life everything was going well till the time I married. I have always been a very positive thinking and optimistic person and I always used to believe that I could overcome any challenge or win any person's heart with my perseverance.

But unfortunately it failed, and that setback hit me very hard. I went through a very difficult phase where I had to decide to move on and I started seeking answers from the Almighty as to why He did this to me. I started losing my faith in humanity for a very brief period in my life. And I decided to quit completely and withdraw myself from  society.

But somewhere inside I had a deep feeling of serving  humanity and needy people because in childhood I was very much inspired by Mother Teresa and the work she was doing. So after 3-4 months of suffering, I decided to do community service every weekend to divert my mind and joined a not for profit organization whom I used to support financially in my early career.

I was handed over a project to teach underprivileged children in the slums of Mumbai. I started that activity and on the first day when I reached the location after much trekking - I walked inside a remote village which was really not far from civilization I was taken aback. Here I could see people living in very difficult conditions without electricity and proper road connectivity but still enjoying their life and happy with their surroundings.

My interactions with the kids and parents has taught me valuable lessons about suffering and learning to celebrate daily gifts of life. After that project, there was no looking back for me. I think I celebrate my setback everyday and thank my ex because of whom I chose this path of serving humanity.

I have met some wonderful and beautiful souls in this journey and they have made me believe that there are many more such souls around us and slowly and steadily one step(act) at a time we are making changes and touching the lives of many. God bless every noble soul here and thanks for your patience in reading this story.
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KATO DERICK UGANDA wrote: Well thanxz for such an aweful story, two things to lean ; 1. It was a turning point of life that u faced, am writing a book called what real life means, "turning points" are part of real life and in most cases they determine wat life will be, its all about accepting them and discovering their weak points and advantages behind them, with this the recovery is a guarantee
2 . Being generous is a treasure and in most cases its through it that success and freedom from our past experiences is attained blessed are they who have understood it
rambabu wrote: Thanks for your inspiring story which turned you from negativity to positiveness.
rajeshpmenon wrote: I really want to thank everyone for your comments and also that it inspired many. I believe that challenges brings out the best in anyone's life and it really needs courage to come out and overcome it. God bless everyone here and love to you all
mindyjourney wrote: Often our biggests challenges turn out to be our biggest blessings. Thank YOU for all you do for those dear children. Thank you.
leoladyc728 wrote: so glad you were able to turn things around for yourself. Blessings
Mnc_91 wrote: Thank you for sharing. This is such a beautiful inspiring story :-)
splain wrote: I so loved reading your post. Out of a hard time you have now given so much help to others.
Mish wrote: Yes, service for others turns one's life around. A beautiful blessing came to you. _/\_
AndiCas wrote: Thankyou for sharing with us
LiliAB wrote: Your blessing came through tears.

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