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Passing it on

--by AndiCas, posted Sep 7, 2017
This is the volunteer who I have been relying on so heavily whilst I've not been well recently. When he first arrived I taught him how to milk the goats, partly to take some of the strain off me and partly because he was just keen to learn. At the moment we're running a course on site, and I'm so excited to see that most mornings he is passing on his new skill and teaching one of the course participants how to milk. Isn't that just the best?

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DANCE wrote: well done him
mindyjourney wrote: It is...when we can share what we know with another and they is BLiSS :)))
leoladyc728 wrote: so nice he is passing on what he has learned
kjoyw wrote: It truly is! Amd milking goats isn't always easy. You are so fortunate to have him!
jdunning74 wrote: That is wonderful!! :-)
gardengal10 wrote: Nothing better than continuing the learning process on and on and on.
pyronik wrote: :-) yep, the best bit is that he's keen to learn & pass that on. Priceless.
Rajni wrote: Volunteer too pass it on - milking cows as an act of kindness. Thanks for giving him opportunity and encouragement.
splain wrote: This is a real win,win situations.Great isn't it?:))))
mnc_91 wrote: He learned really fast. Now he can already teach :-)

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