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A Lovely Workman

--by splain, posted Sep 12, 2017
Lovely day yesterday. Had to get some carpet replaced where we took a wall out. So hate trying to get tradespeople to do these small jobs, nearly impossible. But with the help of the people who did wooden floors, I got one. He rang and said his "call out" fee would be so much. I asked "What do you mean by a 'call out' fee, you're a carpet layer?"

I thought  he most probably won't turn up, but to my surprise he did. He was a great young man and I showed him the very small area that needed fixing. He was so lovely and of course the fee was not a call out fee. I had to go to the shops and as I usually do. While out, I get chocolates for anyone who works on my house. He was so happy and surprised.

We talked like old friends and he did such a good job,couldn't even see where he had to join the carpet. He then told me if I need to replace the whole carpet down the track, the name of a good place to go to and he would get trade discount for me. Isn't it amazing how you can connect with a little humor, kindness and being authentic. I gave him a hug for doing such a great job. My house looks back to normal but lovey now.
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kjoyw wrote: So glad all worked out well, thanks to your open hearted kindness!
AndiCas wrote: Great story of connection. Glad your house is looking lovely again
mnc_91 wrote: indeed a lovely carpet :-)episode
leoladyc728 wrote: these workmen seem to really love being in your home and presence.
mindyjourney wrote: When you connect thru honesty and openness (and chocoloate!) everything just seems to go smoother :))
Mish wrote: Now you can sit back & enjoy your lovely house 👍

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