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Kindness Served Up As a Cold Drink On a Hot Summer Afternoon

--by cyrilsmom, posted Sep 11, 2017
It's been some time since I logged on here since I live in Kuwait, which is an extremely hot place right now. I was in my apartment overlooking the highway. I saw a man trying to change his flat tire in the hot sun at 1pm in the afternoon.

I could see that he was having a very hard time. I went down to a small store in my building. I bought water and chocolate milk. I asked the store clerk if he would go and give that man the drinks. From my flat I saw the man taking the cold water and drinking it immediately. I felt really good to do this act of kindness!
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Mish wrote: Beautiful act of kindness Bless.
DANCE wrote: Great thing to do
splain wrote: So very thoughtful of you
leoladyc728 wrote: thank you for doing this
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for your thoughtful kindness! :)))))))
ado wrote: A very kind thing to do. Thank you.
LiliAB wrote: You were an angel in action. Thank you
AndiCas wrote: I've seen news articles about how hot it is where you are. I can't imagine being stuck changing a tyre in those temperatures. It was very good of you to send him some water.
mnc_91 wrote: Thank you for your refreshing kindness 😊
healingtree wrote: A very thoughtful act, obviously needed right then! Thank you.

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