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A Random Act of Kindness For Eclipse Viewing

--by autumnsky38, posted Sep 9, 2017
I just got back from the vet with my kitty, and had to share that because of the kindness of a lady standing outside, I got to see the eclipse! I was carrying Tom towards the door, and forgetting about the eclipse, I started to look up at the sun.

Luckily, the lady reminded me not to look, and then asked if I wanted to use her special glasses to see it. She had two different kinds of glasses and so I got to see it with the normal colors, and then with a pair that made the sliver of sun look orange! It was beautiful, and I feel lucky that I got to see it!  

Plus, I'm so grateful that the woman reminded me not to look up because my eyesight is precious to me and I could've lost it. Feeling grateful and blessed today!
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mnc_91 wrote: Warning! Kind acts on its way 😁
Mish wrote: Your angel was there 😇
DANCE wrote: Good for you, you saw it!
kjoyw wrote: So glad that lady kept you from looking up with out protecting your eyes! And so glad you got to see it!!! It reallynwas spectacular!
leoladyc728 wrote: nice she shared her glasses with you
autumnsky38 wrote: Thanks you guys! I felt so lucky and blessed!!
midgeahlers wrote: nice lady
michelelpurcel wrote: That was very nice of her for warning you and also for sharing. :)
mindyjourney wrote: Wonderful!! So glad you got to see :)). And it's always more fun to share :)).
splain wrote: Wow, that was such good luck. Not only getting to see th e eclipse but also NOT looking without the glasses.

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