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Ideas For Building Community In Your Neighborhood

--by cabbage, posted Nov 14, 2017
Ideas for bringing a sense of community to your neighborhood (all of these tried and tested in ours!)

Organize an international potluck block party to celebrate diversity (everyone brings a dish celebrating their heritage; everyone brings own utensils, chairs, congregate in a driveway or street, kids play freely in the street which you block off to cars)
Host a movie night for neighborhood kids
Host a gingerbread making afternoon/other baking activity for kids
Support/organize a kids lemonade stand for charity
Share produce from your garden
Share homemade baked goods
Take in mail/newspapers when neighbors are out of town
Visit elderly neighbors with homemade food or flowers and see what they need (rides to grocery store, church, hairdresser, light chores outside)
Communal fruit-picking and jam-making
Close off the street and have potluck dinner in the middle of the street so kids can play
Organize a neighborhood band to make music for a potluck Halloween party
Maypole/May dance party
Host an Easter egg hunt in your front yard
Co-host a progressive New Year's eve dinner party where you go to different people's houses for each course
Share babysitting duties
Chalk up positive messages in the entrance to your community or birthday wishes on the sidewalk :-)
Cook a meal for someone who is sick or has been hospitalized
Leave a plant on someone's doorstep, or seeds with a flowerpot
Book exchange (little free library)
Dog-sitting or other pet sitting when neighbors away
Set up online forum for posting neighborhood "giveaways" or needs or outings (hikes, star gazing, etc.)
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kjoyw wrote: Such great ideas! All great ways to bring people together!
splain wrote: Great neighborhood
leoladyc728 wrote: all good ideas
mindyjourney wrote: Sounds like a fantastic neighborhood community :))). Thanks for all the tips! Lots and lots of great ideas 💐

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