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God Uses Us To Change Others

--by foodbankcarlisa, posted Nov 14, 2017

Sitting in my favorite restaurant one day I noticed a man who came in...he looked unhappy and mad with the world...A look I had seen many times before. I gave him my usual happy good morning but his response was less than friendly. He looked at me, sat down and buried his head in the menu.

I was not shocked by his response but I was curious if he would look up and give just a small hello or smile...over an hour passed and every time he looked my way...he looked meaner and meaner. Finally he called the waitress over and paid his bill...I turned my head away for just a second and he was gone.

I looked down at his seat and there it was -  a beautiful rolled up $100 bill. I was in shock...I quickly got up to retrieve the my head Right and Wrong were fighting it out. Before I knew it, I was racing behind the man to offer this gift of friendship back to him.

I yelled "sir" did you drop this?" He looked shocked...his face turned fire red and a lump came in his throat that could have chocked an Elephant. He looked at the ground and finally said ","yes and then he slowly said "thank you".

 Without even looking at me...he turned around, got in his car and drove away.. I said thank you to God for letting me change one person's opinion of possibly an entire race of people.
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Lucy Felk wrote: Unfortunately, our raok was thrown back in our face yesterday. Our family ate lunch at a nearby restaurant. We decided to pay for the elderly gentleman’s lunch sitting near us. It made my heart happy all day yesterday, until i saw that the charges were reversed in our checking account. Kinda bummed, but i’ll continue raok! 😀
ChristineAz wrote: Nice story. Thank you for your kindness.
Kixx wrote: I loved your honesty. Thank you for sharing!
leoladyc728 wrote: thanks for giving it back to him
splain wrote: loved your post.
mindyjourney wrote: I think was his ermergency cash? Thank you for following your heart to do right ❤️
michelelpurce wrote: I am so glad God used you and what a privilege that He did. :) Thanks. :)

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