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Road Rage Takes A New Turn

--by miatagano, posted Nov 11, 2017
Tonight, I went to see a play by, and full with, women I consider fierce.

En route, a car cut me off. I turned my bright lights on him and I drove right behind him. At the next stop light, I pulled up beside him. He was angry, and I gave him the bird as he seemed to shout profanities at me.

I rolled down my window and said, "Really? You're mad at me when YOU cut me off?!" He retorted, "YES!" And then threw what I think was his coffee grande (with cream) in my face!

It covered my face, my car, and my steering wheel. Thankfully, it was cold. I didn't know what to do but I was angry and tired and not feeling 100%, so I followed behind him with my bright lights on.

I called 911 to report an assault by a taxi driver. A very nice and calm operator answered. She told me not to follow him since I could get hurt. I asked her what the procedure was, what would happen. She told me to give her the license plate number and type of car, and they would follow up.

Something in me re-thought the whole thing. I told the 911 operator that I changed my mind. I did not want the police involved after all. "I am fine," I told her before hanging up.

The car turned down an alley quickly, trying to lose me, but I followed persistently. I had no plan. The car pulled over to the right, a youngish man got out of his car. He didn't look so mean or scary actually -- more sad, really. I sensed I didn't have to worry and I wasn't afraid.

I pulled over to the left side ahead of him and got out of my car. I shouted at him, "Really?! You are going to throw your coffee on me?" He tried to reason with me as he was approaching.

"Stay back," I yelled out. "I won't hurt you," he replied. I could tell that he meant it. I started to sob. He was walking toward me, kindly.

"Please don't cry," he said. "I should not have thrown my ice coffee on you. You flipped me off and that made me angry. This is my second job today, I am just delivering pizzas -- that's what I do. I am in a rush, like everyone else."

"This is not who I am. I am not this guy," he added.

"I believe you," I said. "And, I am not someone who flips people off usually. I am sorry," I say through my tears. 

"It has been a hard day. I am not a bad guy," he says. "I am not a bad woman. I am sorry, too. This is not my way," I say. "It is not my way either," he says.

"Please wait here," he says as he goes back to his car to get a towel. He also brought a bottle of water. "Please drink," he says, "It will make you feel better." Then, he proceeded to clean my jacket and my car.

"This is not who I am," he repeats. "I have a son, I am working two jobs, I am just trying to do my best. I am not this person you think I am."

"I am not this person either," I say. As if to start over, I ask, "My name is Mia. What is your name?" "Mohammed." "I am sorry this happened, Mohammed." "Me too," he says.

We both hugged, apologizing to each other. These are turbulent times for our world. "I don't want to add to the darkness," I tell him. "Me too," he says.

We hugged again. Both crying. "Keep your son safe," I say. "Thank you. You stay safe too."

One last time, we both apologized, hugged, shook hands and parted ways.
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Readers Comments

woodrose wrote: A moving & inspiring story
Thank you for your honesty
Thank you for your courage
And good heart xx
char wrote: How lucky that the encounter turned out so well for you and him.

I am sure it will be something you both will always remember- the forgiveness you gave each other.
LiliAB wrote: This story is one i will remember for a long time. It is the best of outcomes. Thank you for sharing it.
Bhavya Mittal wrote: Thanks for sharing this, mia! Re-instilled my faith in goodness prevailing in the world. :)
Rajni wrote: Humanity is expected of all humans. Human make mistakes. But they are expected to still remain humane. You did a wonderful job of not reporting to police. Facing him boldly and fearlessly with open hearty is commendable. Only a compassionate heart can do such things. May millions of people read your story and follow suit that definitely will make our earth a better place to live. Thanks a lot for sharing.
Riona wrote: Gosh, mia, this is such an unusual story, and has really made me question my own anger responses. So many times i get caught up in escalating a situation, and you have just shown me how it might be possible to change the script. Thank you for sharing this. Thank you for finding a different way.
Kixx wrote: Oh, wow! I wonder how many of us have felt like doing this. I loved your story and i truly believed your action healed people for miles around, mia. Thank you so much for sharing this.
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for sharing with us and posting this inspirational story with us, my friend.
leoladyc728 wrote: so glad it all had such a positive outcome
healingtree wrote: Admire your openness and honesty, and am sorry the situation happened at all. Anger can get out of hand, in any heart And anger attracts anger. What a beautiful way to see the turn of the event from destructive to constructive. A risky venture all around, but the result was calm and kindness and that is what matters.

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