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Sharing a Tiny Space with Big Heart

--by Subh, posted Dec 4, 2017
On his way home, my husband noticed a family struggling in the middle of the road with their malfunctioning car. Though he was dead tired having worked for twelve hours, he stopped to give them a ride in his tiny car.

The family of six struggled to make place for each other and my husband expressed how apologetic he was as his car wasn't too comfortable for the family. The father then replied, "Your car is small, but your heart is BIG, so thank you for your generosity."

It's always nice to do whatever we can to make a difference!
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Readers Comments

subh wrote: :) i love the picture, thank you so much. Truly apt.
Kixx wrote: So sweet! Thank you for sharing.
ms_joy wrote: I posted a comment early this morning, and it seem it disappeared, so I am posting again. I am so grateful for your husband's big heart, your gratitude for his kindness, and for the grateful family in need. All great blessings! :)
leoladyc728 wrote: so very kind of both of you
kjoyw wrote: Truly, you have a big-hearted husband and family was very appreciative! Kindness all around!
Mish wrote: That was beautiful on both sides :))
Rajni wrote: Very inspiring kindness and gratitude as well. Thanks for sharing.
melnotes wrote: Kudos to your hubby for stopping and helping
SissyLee wrote: That is a good man.
mindyjourney wrote: Many tx to your husband! He so does have a big and kind heart ❤️!!!

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