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Desparate Times, Extraordinary Effort

--by compassion777, posted Dec 5, 2017
The drizzle had just stopped in the late night today when I walked on the streets. Coming in the opposite direction was a woman, perhaps in her 40's or early 50's carrying a small bucket and curiously looking left and right as if looking for something in the streets.

She had an air of desperation around her and after observing her I noticed that she would fish out something from the ground every once in a while.

Curious, I decided to turn around and follow her because we were walking in opposite directions. Perhaps she sensed me following her because she immediately sped up and as a result, I decided to slow down and enter a nearby store.

I decided she probably needed help even though she wasn't asking in particular. So I bought her some food from the store and put some cash in the grocery bag. Then I ran after her hoping she was not too far ahead.

Fortunately, I caught up with her because she paused every now and then to pick things up in the streets. After getting past her, I waited and reached out with the grocery bag. saying "Here's some food," I thought she would decline because maybe I just misunderstood what she was doing but she took the food and said, "Thank you for the food."

I then asked her the curious question. "What were you trying to pick up in the streets?" to which she answered, "I'm looking for food." I then asked  "where's your family?"

She stammered before finally saying that they were working. But in my mind, I thought maybe the work is not very stable for her to be needing to do this. From there we parted ways and I thought of that person - she could have been my mother and I wish her well. My eyes were teary because for now that's all I could do and I wish I could do much much more.
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leoladyc728 wrote: you are just so lovely. thank you for doing this
mindyjourney wrote: Seems the Universe send you as her "angel" to help in her food search. Thank you :)
compassion777 wrote: so true Splain, it's a good principle to view the homeless people as members of your family. Anyone and everyone has a chance of becoming poor. Many of the homeless today were financially stable before. If you protect the poor, you protect the rich, the middle class, and the poor. If you protect the poor you protect everyone.
ms_joy wrote: Well done for following your intuition and being sensitive to this lady's needs! Much gratitude to you for being there for her!I
melnotes wrote: Beautiful share! Thank you and love your profile name :)
splain wrote: I often view homeless people as if they could be a member of my family. Who knows where life can lead us
Mish wrote: Thank you for caring and acting on it. Bless.
DANCE wrote: what you did was good
kjoyw wrote: Bless you for caring enough to take some action. Well done.
Alisamom wrote: What a wonderful story, thank you for sharing and also thank you so much for helping this lady :)

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