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Reflecting Love in Our Words

--by autumnsky38, posted Jan 12, 2018
The other day I was going to a doctor's appointment, and I happened to open the door for an older woman as we went inside. She was so lovely; dressed to the nines, nice hair do, makeup and everything and I was taken with her.

As we rode up in the elevator together, I told her what I'd been thinking and she beamed such a bright smile it made my heart dance. She said "Thank you young lady! You've made my day!" And I was like, "No ma'am, you made mine."

Watching her walking away, I noticed she had a spring in her step, and I felt so great knowing that I was part of her feeling that way. Such a nice gift for both of us.
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Readers Comments

RoseMarie wrote: Good to voice positive thoughts that will stay with another. X 💓
melnotes wrote: How lovely :)
terre wrote: In my opinion, compliments should always be voiced. Just look how that woman reacted! And think how you felt afterwards! All good reasons to do this often.
kjoyw wrote: So nice you seized that opportunity to share a compliment and make that connection!
Mish wrote: Never miss an opportunity to share your compliments can be so powerful. Well done by you.
mindyjourney wrote: A lovely connect with honest kindness <3 :)))). Beautifully done, my friend!
splain wrote: The power to change someone's day for the better. good one

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