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Surprised and Thrilled With the Contributions of Strangers

--by BlueBeacon, posted Jan 11, 2018
In a beautiful example of the cyclical nature of kindness, I received a "donation" to help me continue my month-long journey to enact 92 acts of kindness in memory of my Grandmother. It gets expensive to put together 92 acts of kindness so rapidly -- a $5 gift card here, a bag of candy there, a bouquet of flowers, paying for the person behind you in line, art supplies to make signs.

I've been very fortunate that many people have joined me in helping reach my goal by contributing their own acts of kindness. However, a few surprises have rolled in. In this case, a local woman on one of my kindness message boards saw my story on the news and offered to donate her collection of hand-painted kindness rocks, affirmations, signs, notes, and candy containers.

I picked the haul up at her house the other day, and now I have so many more resources for my acts of kindness! So in response to seeing my kindness, she shared her kindness to enable me to spread more kindness -- how wonderful is that? And today I began hiding a few of these rocks. I wonder who will find them. If someone decides to pay it forward, who knows how far the ripple will travel? That's the magic of kindness.
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Kixx wrote: Very inspiring. Thank you!
Mish wrote: Full of wonderful. Thank you for sharing this. ❤️
heirloommaters wrote: I love the idea of the honoring as well as the rock hiding!
gardengal10 wrote: That is going to be such a happy surprise for so many people.
patjos wrote: Yes, kindness IS magical and it NEVER returns empty-handed :)))
leoladyc728 wrote: what fun and great donations made to you
mindyjourney wrote: That's pretty wonderful, my friend! Those are the best gifts, the ones we can can share :)). Kindness is always newsworthy! Well done in honor of your grandmother's memory :)
BlueBeacon wrote: Oh, right! If you wanted to see the news story, here's the URL. They were so kind to come interview me in my Grandmother's living room, show her photos, and tell her stories. I get a little teary-eyed at the end there.
lt33 wrote: That's wonderful what was your story that made the news?would love to hear more ?😉

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