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Flowers for Patience in the Checkout Line

--by gardengal10, posted Feb 11, 2018
After having lunch with friend on Friday, we ducked into a grocery store to pick up a few items. I think each of us had three items in our hands. The check-out lines consisted of people with overflowing carts.

We chose the line with the customer who had the smaller cart, relatively speaking. The customer told both of us to go ahead of her. We protested but she insisted and also indicated that she was in no hurry. We both thanked her, but the nicest surprise was that the checker told the bagger (in a very soft voice) to bring the customer a bouquet of flowers.

So nice that the employees are encouraged to reward customers that go above and beyond.
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Kixx wrote: So sweet! Thank you for sharing.
RoseMarie wrote: Beautiful story thank you x 💓
leoladyc728 wrote: really nice
DANCE wrote: wow, love this
lt33 wrote: Soo much kindness in the line 💜💜
mindyjourney wrote: Such a lovely bouquet of kindness! So glad you were there to witness :)))
patjos wrote: Cool, that's pretty good isn't it :)))
mrselizabethm wrote: Sweet.
Annc wrote: Lovely
mish wrote: Wow! Wonderful circle of kindness there. Awesome.

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