Donate to KindSpring

When a small group of us launched this site in January of 2004 we had no budget or business plan. What we did have was hearts full of trust in the goodness of humanity :) By the end of the first year we had shipped over 51,000 smile cards and covered all costs out of our own pockets.By the next year demand had increased manyfold -- and people all over the world wanted to know how they could contribute. So we set up this page.

From here you can help sponsor smile cards. Every (US) dollar donated makes it possible for us to print and ship 20 more smile cards into the world. You can also learn about our volunteer opportunities.

Donate Online

Other Ways to Donate

Donate online, either with your credit card or PayPal. (Note: the online payment will go to 'CharityFocus', which is a parent organization of KindSpring.)

Donate Now!     

Write a check. Make it payable to 'ServiceSpace' and send it to:

Smile Cards!
P. O. Box 2711
Santa Clara, CA 95055
United States

Donate stamps. Shipping cards is, by far, our biggest expense; so if you'd like gift some United States stamps, please send it on to the address listed above!

Note: We are a 501(c)(3) organization under ServiceSpace, and can provide a receipt for tax-deduction for those who need it.

Many Ways to Volunteer

KindSpring is 100% volunteer-run and our team of global volunteers is responsible for a wide range of activities. We'd be delighted to have you join us on board! Below is a list of our open volunteer opportunities.

SmileCard Shipper: Smile cards are shipped around the world for free to anyone who requests them. Join a team of international volunteers who ship cards in their local countries.

KindSpring Social Media Butterfly: We are looking for social media volunteer who can engage with our Twitter Followers; we have over 15K. :) Preferable to have experience on social media, specifically on Twitter.

Kindness Story Scout: We're looking for someone with a keen eye and heart for everyday kindness stories that really move people :)

Community Weaver: Help facilitate connections between active users of this site by sharing stories, welcoming new members and more!

If you have any other questions, please feel free to drop us a note. Thanks for being partners in kindness!