KindSpring has created a series of 21-Day Challenges designed to help individuals and groups grow in values that help create positive change. Irrespective of profession, age, culture or geography, when we commit to cultivating certain values we unleash a ripple effect that has the power to transform our lives and the world for the better. When we consistently practice these values together, our efforts encourage and reinforce each other in remarkable ways. Each of our 21-Day Challenges focuses on a specific values -- ranging from kindness to mindfulness.

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A small daily commitment + a daily prompt + a process for co-reflection. Each 21-Day Challenge invites participants to engage in one small daily action related to the core theme. Every day for three weeks a unique idea is emailed out that serves as a prompt. Participants are encouraged to carry out the act and share stories of their experiences in both online and offline spaces. You can sign up to participate as an individual or you can "host" a challenge for a group you belong to. The challenges were developed with workplace, school/college and family environments in mind, but are broadly applicable. Any group is more than welcome to take them on. At the end of 21 days, you may continue the practice with your group, take on a new challenge, or even design your own. There is no charge for any of our services. All the challenges are offered as a gift.

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The 21-Day Challenges are all designed to fit the pace of modern day life. They are not inordinately time-consuming, and in most cases demand less than five minutes a day. Four simple reasons you should participate?

  • 1.

    It aligns you with your highest potential. Cultivating your values deepens your integrity. It gives your thoughts, words and actions special power.

  • 2.

    It connects you in meaningful ways to your community. Participating as a group raises morale, fosters teamwork, trust, empathy and understanding -- the building blocks of a healthy family, workplace, classroom and society.

  • 3.

    It boosts well being and happiness levels. Science has demonstrated beyond question how qualities like kindness, gratitude and mindfulness positively influence our health, happiness, energy levels and longevity.

  • 4.

    There's nothing to lose and much to gain!

Twenty-one days certainly can't change everything, but it can begin a new way of being. You are invited to bring these practices to your company, school, community center, or family. Get started with joining a challenge or hosting one here. Let us know if you have questions -- we're delighted to help any way we can!

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