SCIENCE of Kindness


Below you will find a list of resources describing the drivers behind the experiments of KindSpring. This includes the latest research within each topic area, from the subjects of the challenges themselves (eg, why kindness?) to the structure of the challenge (eg, why 21 days?). It also includes links to beautiful stories that speak to what kind of ripples can happen inside ourselves and in our communities through these practices. We look forward to practicing with you!

The Gist
If you only want the basics of why this program works, just check out these links:

And for those who want to take a deeper dive, below is the whole enchilada.

Kindness as a Driver For Change

Pay It Forward

Kindness and Happiness

Inspirations of Kindness (Videos)

Value of Mindfulness

Power of Gratitude

The Value of Smiles

Tiny Habits for Big Change

Reflection as a Driver for Creating Intrinsic Motivation

21 Days as a Timeline for Shift in Perception and Behavior

Value of Groups in Building Habits

What is Gift Economy as a Model? (this program is offered as gift)

Other Resources

Got any other suggestions? We'd love to hear from you. And we hope to see you in a future 21-day challenge.

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