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Get Inspired: Recent Acts of Kindness

Shared by leoladyc728 on Oct 17, 2018

Story: Self Care I just really rested today as the rest of the week I will be running around . I did take a walk and sat on a park bench and had some coffee. I went to the church and saw my friends Erma and Eran. I ga...

Shared by cdf2 on Oct 17, 2018

Story: Vanilla Bean Today I hit the challenge on the head. While fetching myself an evening picker upper, I saw a disheveled white boy who looked a bit down. I jumped at the chance to impart a kind act on this poor boy a...

Shared by thebrad on Oct 17, 2018

Story: Reverse Kindness - Sometimes It Works! My wife accompanied me to the gym this morning for a 5:30 workout. It was a pretty grueling workout that consisted of lots of dead lifts and running in a short amount of time. Maybe it's just when...

Shared by truthunltd on Oct 17, 2018

Idea: ""

Shared by truthunltd on Oct 17, 2018

Idea: ""

Shared by mindyjourney on Oct 17, 2018

Idea: "Love those smiles, my friends! And don’t forget to share 😊!!!"

Shared by Mish on Oct 17, 2018

Story: No Guilt :) Someone just tried to "guilt trip" me....it rolled right off my back & I never lost my smile. In fact, was so pleased with myself, my smile grew bigger :))) Self-care 👍 Went wel...

Shared by gardengal10 on Oct 17, 2018

Story: New Homes For Hydrangea Have had an Annabelle Hydrangea for quite a few years. It just didn't know its place and it took over the front garden hiding all the other plants. The tree guy came yesterday with a new dwarf shr...

Shared by Mish on Oct 17, 2018

Story: A Day :) ❤️Several friends needed support & encouragement today & I was glad I could be there for them. They've always been there for me. Grateful for friends. ❤️ Found homes for lots of...

Shared by mindyjourney on Oct 17, 2018

Story: Kind”bombed” Our Hotel Room, ... Kind”bombed” our hotel room, before we left for the last leg of our drive to cabin hOMe 💕 (arrived early afternoon!). Grateful for EVERY kindness shared, both given and received. Truly, nothi...

Shared by sd507439 on Oct 17, 2018

Idea: "Had pain from this pesky neurological disorder and a migraine. Taking a self care day."

Shared by Horse-friend on Oct 17, 2018

Story: My Motiv What moved me to create and now walk with you through the challenge? The topic of beauty came through my mothers presence into my life. On a europeen beauty rating from 0-10 her physical look would...

Shared by DANCE on Oct 17, 2018

Story: Kindness In The Garden I had a new gardener who came to help me for a couple of hours with some heavy work. While working together outside she shared some sad stories about her previous partner and all she lost after the br...

Shared by positivevibes on Oct 17, 2018

Story: Reposted From: Heart Advice ... Reposted from: Heart Advice - Weekly Quotes from Pema Chodron: October 17, 2018 Your State of Mind Matters One session of meditation shows you that thoughts and emotions just come and go, and c...

Shared by lh20 on Oct 17, 2018

Story: Passive To Productive Day 6 - Podcasting after class! One of my favorite passive pastimes is binge watching TV and eating, which is dangerous combo. This past Saturday, I just wanted to relax after class. Instead of veg...

Shared by lh20 on Oct 17, 2018

Story: Day 10 Tasty Treat My coworker and I have received a lot of emergency projects over the past few weeks that we have had to move on quickly due to pressure from senior leadership. I'm in more of an advisory role, so ...

Shared by DotMatrix on Oct 17, 2018

Story: Gems 4.130 | Under1000skies I hope you’re having a beautiful day. ♡ Here’s another light-filled ¤ Gem ¤ ...

Shared by kaw11 on Oct 17, 2018

Story: Kindness - Taking Initiative Today, I received renewal decisions for one of my clients and instead of waiting for my client manager to ask me to update the communication pieces, I approached her and told her I saw the email come ...

Shared by positivevibes on Oct 17, 2018

Story: Thank You ❤️ Hello all, how I have missed your ever-shining love light and positivity ❤️ A few months ago, I fell back into a very toxic and destructive relationship. It has eaten away at my inner light, ev...

Shared by ryandavid on Oct 17, 2018

Idea: "our ignorance"

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