KindSpring Terms of Use

KindSpring Terms of Use

The rules stated below are the terms of use for the KindSpring generosity web portal. They are more than guidelines of etiquette; your conduct must conform to these requirements in order to maintain your privileges to participate in KindSpring.

While ServiceSpace volunteers may exercise their authority to enforce these rules vis-àis users who violate the Terms of Use, including disallowing access to the site to the extent feasible, ServiceSpace takes no responsibility for policing user conduct or exercising editorial control over content posted on KindSpring. We expect users to honor the code of conduct set forth in these Terms of Use, to participate in KindSpring in good faith, and to abide by their own mature judgment.

The basic rule of conduct is simple: be kind and respectful to all.

Specifically, this means:

No Inappropriate Content. The objective of this site is to spread kindness. Please keep all content you post focused on the topic of kindness and your experiences on doing acts of kindness or receiving kindness from others. You may not post any content containing: advertising, material copyrighted by someone who isn't you, or words or images that are vulgar, obscene, violent, or sexual. The KindSpring community includes users of all ages and sensibilities, and your postings must be considerate of this diversity. Abusive language, name-calling, insults, harassment, spamming, flaming, baiting and personal attacks are antithetical to the very purpose of KindSpring. We ask that any content posted by you meet basic standards of honesty and accuracy, and that it not be deceptive or fraudulent in any way.

Respect the Privacy of Others. Please respect the privacy of other KindSpring users. This means that you may not publish any personal information you may happen to learn about others.

Absolutely No Solicitation or Advertising. Under no circumstances should you contact another member or post any content asking for money or personal assistance of any sort, offering products or services, or making any solicitation whatsoever, whether commercial or non-commercial. You may not advertise or publicize your business, goods, or services, even if the reference is subtle and does not include an explicit solicitation.

This is Not a Dating Site. If you're looking to find a date, or a mate, or anything of that sort, this is not the place to do it. It is inappropriate to use this site as a way to make romantic connections. There are sites designed for that, please use them, and do not behave as if this is one of those sites.

Parental Responsibility. If you, as a parent or guardian, choose to involve any child under the age of 18 on this website, please be aware that you are responsible for the safety and security of your child, as well as remaining vigilant to what your child may read on the site. While our volunteers monitor posts, we cannot guarantee that we will catch and exclude offensive content posted by others.

KindSpring is an Open Public Network. Non-members may read the content posted on KindSpring. Any person is eligible to join this network. We highly discourage members from posting personal information such as telephone numbers, addresses, email or other specific information which may make your location easily discovered by others. As a condition of your use of KindSpring, you agree that ServiceSpace shall have no responsibility or liability for any damage or loss you may incur as a result of sharing personal information or other content with others.

If you become aware of any content that may violate these guidelines, please promptly report the issue and our volunteer administrators will look into it as quickly as possible.