Order Pre Printed Smile Cards

To request Smile Cards, please fill out the form below. A volunteer will mail you an order of ten cards within two weeks. Smile Cards are offered to anyone who requests them on a pay-it-forward basis. What that means is, there is no set charge. Someone before you has paid for your cards, and you are invited to keep the chain going and pay-forward whatever you wish for the next person! For special events or circumstances, you can also place a bulk request.

Note: When using a Smile Card, remember not to just hand it out by itself. The idea is to do something kind for someone and leave the Smile Card behind, so that they know someone reached out to them, and that they are invited to pay-forward the kindness and keep the ripples going!

Due to the pandemic, we have currently paused our Smile Card shipments. We invite you to download the cards and print it locally!

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For more inspiration, visit our KarunaVirus.org website of how everyday heroes around the globe are responding with compassion.