Smile Deck (American Version)

Smile Deck is a deck of cards, each with a unique kindness idea. Every suit is a different theme, and the ideas get harder as you get towards the Ace. Below are all the ideas from our original deck. You can request a pre-printed Deck, or try various creative ideas of recreating this at your home.

People have used Smile Decks in lots of creative ways -- group of teens huddled, each picked a card, went out to perform the kind act individually, and came back to share stories with each other; a therapist framed it on her wall and often asked her clients to select an act of kindness as a payment; at the end of corporate meeting, managers will pick a card and then check-in at next week's meeting with a story of their kind act. Lots of possibilities.

You can access all the ideas below (and also in text here).

Connect two friends who had not previously met each other.
Clubs: For People You Know

Hearts: For People You Don't Know

Spades: For The Environment

Diamonds: For Yourself

If you have any other questions, please feel free to drop us a note. Thanks for being partners in kindness!