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Letters Of Appreciation

I recently wrote two letter of appreciation. One was to a vehicle rental company and the other was to a vehicle dealership. Both companies treated me with a lot of respect and made me feel like a person of value. They were very professional and caring. 

I wrote long letters of appreciation mentioning all the employees and the wonderful jobs the were doing to their bosses. I made sure I left the letters open so the employees could read them first. 
I feel when employees are kind and treat people the way I have been treated the deserve to be told what a good job they are doing. This will, hopefully, continue to motivate them to keep being the good people they are and encourage them to be the best they can be. 
A little appreciation goes a long way. I appreciate all they have done. Lets all continue to motivate each other to be kind loving people!

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A Heart Of Flowers

I bought a pink flower arrangement in the shape of a heart for a new friend who owns a spirituality store. It was for her to put in the shop window. I love thinking of the smiles and good energy it will give to people looking in. 

She gave me a huge hug in return!


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