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46 Not-So-Random Acts of Kindness

 Today, March 6th, is my birthday.  Two days ago, I got the idea to do 46 acts of kindness in honor of my 46th birthday.  I’ve read many posts on the internet about people doing this.  I had planned to do all 46 acts on my birthday, but the forecasters began early predictions of a foot of snow for today.  So Monday night, I started planning – typed up the acts of kindness I wanted to do and started writing out some of the Thank You cards, Thinking of You cards and Get Well cards. When I woke up Tuesday, the weathermen were certain the big storm was coming. I thought it would be hard to do my acts of kindness stuck inside all day, so I decided to do as much as I could on Tuesday and spread it out over a few days.  Tuesday night is my daughters’ softball ... Read Full Story >>

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Kindness Garden Cards

I recently posted an article that was written about my class’s Random Acts of Kindness Project and was also shown on our county’s website.     A county employee read the article and was so touched by it she pledged to do five random acts of kindness that day in honor of our class!   She sent the children stickers that day. The next day she sent them lollipops. A few days later she sent a CD she made, entitled "Random Acts of Kindness Songs."    I was so touched by her generosity and effort that I decided to have the kids make something for her. I took Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's "Kindness Garden" poem, printed it on cards and had the children make fingerprint flowers to decorate the cards.     We sent two dozen of these to our new friend and asked her to share them with those around her. She sent an email back saying her ... Read Full Story >>

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Kindness Tuesdays

Every Tuesday, my daughters have two hours of softball practice.  This is when I head around the corner to the library and work on my weekly class newsletter, grade papers and visit HelpOthoers.  I also do acts of kindness.  I have put homemade smile cards in library books and also left money with a 'please enjoy this random act of kindness' note at the reference desk to pay someone's late fines. Tonight, I attached a homemade smile card and Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) card to a small bag of Lindor chocolates.  As I walked into the library, I headed to my usual area near the reference desk and placed the bag on a table.  I sat in a comfy chair near the table and did some work. It was so interesting how quickly the library staff noticed! I heard at least four different workers say something like, "Hey, did you see that?" as they ... Read Full Story >>

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"You Raised A Wonderful Child, Mom."

I feel like I am always either at school, sports practice or a game, so I have to find different ways to do little acts of kindness.     My good friend and co-worker has a mom dealing with cancer who is living with her during treatment. I decided to send this mom - whom I've never met - a card thanking her for raising such a wonderful person. I told how her daughter was such being a good listener, someone who I can share my troubles with, and someone who makes me laugh.   I was a little uneasy about it afterwards and wondered if my friend would think it strange.     Tonight while sitting at basketball practice I received a text from my friend. She wanted to tell me that the card I sent her mom was one of the most beautiful things she had ever read and how lucky she was to ... Read Full Story >>

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A Week of First Grade Kindness

     I teach first graders and want to share about a big kindness activity we did earlier this year. From Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday (Jan. 16) until the 100th day of school two weeks later, students performed and recorded 100 acts of kindness. These acts were collected on small hearts and organized in the shape of a huge 100. The kids worked SO hard to share kindness with each other both at home and at school and parent feedback and support was incredible!       That was also the start of my HUGE kindness project. Random Acts of Kindness Week started February 11th, but our preparations started weeks before: We wrote letters, decorating cards and planning for a great week of sharing kindness within and outside of the school. For many of these items, I printed and attached cards that read, “Please enjoy this random act of kindness.” As I’ve said before, I consider ... Read Full Story >>

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Give, Receive, Pay-It-Forward :)

Any other year, my acts of kindness would have come with the hope of someone acknowledging them or saying thank you. I'm big on "Thank you's". My kids have written their own since the age of three for any gift they receive. I love thanking others-- acknowledging coaches, teachers, and anyone who does something nice. I guess it's because I always had looked for that thank you in return. This year has been different. Maybe age has made me wiser. Maybe it's softened me. Part of it is this website. Since joining this site in January, I've done acts of kindness in a more mysterious, secretive way, without expecting a "Thank you" of any kind and finding comfort and peace in that. :) When I did my 46 not-so-random acts of kindness for my birthday this month, I did so with the intent of not receiving any comments, "Thank you", or feedback. The next day ... Read Full Story >>

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The "Take What You Need" Sheet

Last week I made a tear-away sheet for the staff at my school. I secretly hung it up for teachers to take what they need by way of the tear-off slips - strength, courage, patience, understanding, etc.
The principal asked for digital copy and shared it with the other principals in the county!
Today I was at my daughter's weekly softball practice. There was the  usual questioning of what kindness acts I had done during the week since I'd last seen them. Then one of the moms said she had thought of me earlier when she was at her daughter's school. Walking by the teachers' lounge she had noticed a tear-off sheet just like I had described to her. She was excited to see that two "needs" had been torn off and she couldn't wait to share that with me.
A perfect example of the "ripple effect." From me to my colleagues, from my school to another school, to unknown teachers who may then share the kindness with others because of what they've taken from the sheet to make it a good day.  

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100 Acts Of First Grade Kindness

I teach first-grade children and the 100th day of our school year is approaching soon. This is a big math day with lots of activities centered around 100.     Last year I connected the 100th day to kindness and I have just kicked off the same project today with my current class.    We had been talking about Martin Luther King Jr and his dreams of peace and kindness. His birthday was approaching so we talked about acts of kindness we could do at home or in school, then I challenged the children to do 100 random acts of kindness from Doctor King's birthday until our 100th day of school.     The children were so excited to get started. Today was the official day to begin.   We finished the day with 10 acts of kindness recorded. Parents emailed with comments about how great the project idea was and shared how their child helped a new ... Read Full Story >>

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Making Sure to Thank the Referees

I spent my Saturday at the basketball court watching all three of our kids play their games.  My older two had playoffs as they worked to be in the championship game.  During the third game of the day I commented to my husband that these playoff games were getting a little overly rough and competitive and it was making me nervous. As my son's game continued, the fans around us starting making light-hearted comments about the refs' calls - or lack of.  These were the same ref's my son's team has had all season and I think they are a GREAT pair - which I said often during the game.  The refs had a sense of humor and grinned and nodded as the comments continued to come. It was an intense and physical game and I was cheering loudly!  It was a tight game to the end, but my son's team did end ... Read Full Story >>

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First Basket of the Season

If you've read some of my other stories, you know my kindness mission is fueled by my three kids.  My daughters have huge hearts which makes giving fun, but I'm challenged with teaching my teenage son how to enjoy sharing kindness. 

I've begun sharing my acts of kindness with my family at the end of the day, trying to get everyone in the spirit.  This morning on our way to the first of three basketball games, I turned and asked my son how he was going to show kindness today. 

While he didn't have an answer, he later offered each of his sisters five dollars if they made a basket. (This is a huge deal because the girls aren't terribly aggressive.)  My youngest made her first basket of the season, and he actually congratulated her and gave her a five dollar bill. 

While I'm not supporting paying kids for doing well in sports :), I think, in his own way, he was trying to be kind.  In return, his sister felt that he was trying to be supportive. 

It was a special moment.  :)

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