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Four Kindness Cards In The Snow

It has been very cold and snowy here, so it felt like a good time to get out and spread some kindness! Me and my friend "Hennie" went out with four cards. We like to write out cards and put a Smile card inside with a little gift, so we had two with chocolate and two with lotto cards.   It was freezing cold but we thought the good feeling would outweigh the coldness!    I felt a bit shy so when we called at one local shop I asked the server to pass one of our cards to a customer. He seemed a bit confused but was happy to do so.   Next we found a lady looking very cold and walking home in the snow. I noticed she smiled at our dog so we gave her one of the cards. Then, as the streets were a bit quiet, we went to another shop and gave ... Read Full Story >>

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Tagging In Liverpool

 I came across this web-site a few days ago and have spent hours just reading all the stories. I got so excited and knew I wanted to do this!   Having requested some Smile cards I found I couldn't wait to get started! I introduced my best friend/housemate and she got just as excited!   So today we decided to just write out some cards until the Smile cards arrive. We put money with some cards and chocolate with some others. Then we went walking in Liverpool and found some lovely people to give them to.   First we went into the shop. I spotted a young woman there and asked the server if she would pass the card along. She gave a big smile and said she would.   Next we found an elderly man. He was carrying a heavy bag in the snow, so he seemed the good person to tag. He just stood there, looking ... Read Full Story >>

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