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Attentive Listening

Yesterday while out birdwatching, I ran into a person who I perceive to be not terribly friendly toward me. I greeted him and asked a question about a bird he had seen.

I listened to his response & answered - he then went on to tell me an anecdote about something that had happened to him in the past. I listened attentively and when he was done gave him my reaction to his story.

I can have a hard time with this since I always seem to be thinking about how I'm going to respond or I jump in and say something before the person is finished.

As we went our separate ways, he said "It was nice seeing you"... I continue to recognize how these kindness practices bring change to my life...

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It's About What Needs Done

I spent four hours volunteering at the cat shelter this morning.

Although I would have loved to have spent the time playing with the cats one of the staff needed help with fund-raising work - so I did that. 

I try to remind myself that volunteering is all about doing what needs to be done.

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