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Kind Carriers

Left a Dunkin' Donuts gift card for our mail-carrier today, with a note on a smile card -

"Just a show of gratitude, because among the bills and things we'd rather not receive, you bring us smiles in form of cards from family and friends, and magazines with articles we enjoy.

"There is always happiness inside our mailbox because of you. So here is a smile for you, hope it brings you some happiness, and a thank you for all you do!" 

I came home from the kids' soccer practice to find our card gone, and a note inside the mailbox -

"Thank you for the kindness, your note brought a smile to my face.and that was gift enough. So to pay it forward I will use this gift card to buy donuts for the Post Office break room. Have a great day."

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Making Nature Accessible to Everyone

As the mom of a child with cerebral palsy (a disorder that causes physical disability), I know that there are not a lot of parks or trails where my son can truly experience nature. Thus, I volunteer at a neighborhood arboretum, where I work with other volunteers to add a sensory garden with raised flower beds. Those confined to chairs are able to touch and feel the plants.

The park is full of plants with various textures, scents, and bright colors. This week, we are adding fall plants, mums, tall grasses, and ornamental cabbages. Our special needs program is going to have students craft scarecrows and jack-O-laterns to decorate the park with.

It fills me with joy to see so many happy faces filled with pride when they see the disabled people come through and enjoy the festive park we helped create!

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Awkward Years

I have a daughter who just entered the 7th grade, which is known in our area as one of the most awkward and socially difficult years for girls. I did not want my daughter to be someone who did things just to be popular but confident in her own shoes and following her own likes, ambitions. I have done activities from the Dove Movement for Self Esteem and then a friend shared Awkward Years Project. Women submit a picture of themselves, now, holding pictures of themselves during the awkward part of their lives. They write a bit about how their life was and how it turned out, always a positive uplifting twist. My daughter and her friends love checking the website and discuss how they identify with the women who have shared. I shared about the end of 5th grade when my mother convinced me to cut my hair short... Oh, how awful ... Read Full Story >>

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Meals For A Working Mom

I have been watching kids after school for a single mom who just got a job after so many months of searching.

I just made a huge pot of chicken soup and a pot of chili and divided them up in containers for freezing. Then I wrote a note saying, "Some help with dinner for when things are a little hectic until you get back into the daily routine. Good luck with the new job!" 

I plan to deliver them when I drop her kids off after she finishes work.

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Planting Smiles

Our elderly neighbor was admiring the Celosia plants we just put in our yard saying she would love to get some for her flower bed. 

Later at the store, when passing the plants, my daughter smiled and suggested we get them for her. 

Today we woke up early, sneaked over, planted them, and left a Smile Card. She was so thrilled when she saw them and immediately started telling us all the ideas she had for paying it forward.

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