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A Gift In The Mail

For the love and the thoughtfulness that shaped my childhood and still cocoons me today, I can never repay my grandfather or my father... I felt the back of my grandfather’s rough fingers caress my jawline today as he used to when he was still alive; when I was but a child… I received a beautifully stamped envelope from the States in the mail. I immediately recognized Edith Piaf on one of the stamps and my father’s scrawl below. Carefully, I used a knife to open the envelope, knowing that my father occasionally sends me valuable treasure through the mail. Inside, I found another envelope. On it, I saw two scripts. The first one bore my father’s explanation: In the 40’s, my great-grandfather bought a desk. He used it in his office at the family restaurant and when he passed away, my grandfather started using the desk. When the family restaurant sold, the desk was moved ... Read Full Story >>

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Win-win Moment at the Bookstore

Yesterday, I went to the bookstore to pick up a present for my mother's upcoming birthday. I found one of the books I wanted, but not the other. When I went to pay, I asked the clerk behind the counter if I could order the second book. A lady was standing in line behind me at the checkout. The clerk said she could order the book, but would I mind if she let the lady behind me pay for her purchases first.  The lady behind me said no, it was fine, she'd wait. It took nearly 15 minutes to put my order through! The lady behind me chatted amiably with us for the entire time. When it finally came time for me to pay, I placed two $10 off cards on the counter. The clerk informed me the offer was only valid for the book I was purchasing in-store and wouldn't work for ... Read Full Story >>

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Lovingly Wrapped

Today, as I waited for a break in traffic to cross the road, I saw a woman in her car with her young daughter. Both of them were extremely overweight, making their small vehicle appear even smaller. The woman was smoking a cigarette as she drove. The daughter had her face glued to the glass of her closed window, looking forlornly out. I caught myself thinking negative thoughts about them. Then I caught myself thinking about things I could say to them that might ‘help’ them. Then I caught myself thinking negative things about myself for passing judgement on this situation. So I stopped thinking. I started breathing. I didn’t cross the street. I stayed where I was and breathed, not caring what I looked like. I let all my thoughts go in the cold autumn wind that blew down my neck and chilled me. I let go of my thoughts and my expectations and I just ... Read Full Story >>

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Thank You, Kind Stranger!

In my favourite tea shop they'd showcased their Christmas teas in little shot glasses so people could sea and smell the leaves. I picked up each one in turn and one of them named baklava smelled absolutely delicious. I only drink herbal teas as caffeine disagrees with me. So, juggling with my purse and the hot tea I'd just purchased, I lifted up the sample box behind the display to check the ingredients in the baklava tea. Unfortunately, I failed to notice that the box itself was open. One by one, as I lamely attempted to right the problem, each and every item inside the box fell onto the display and floor. This isn't unusual in itself: I tend to spread chaos wherever I go, a part of my nature I find in turn sad, amusing, and exasperating. Most of the time, these incidents tend to make people scatter away from me, ... Read Full Story >>

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Sneaky Gift

My mother has a wonderful younger friend who takes excellent care of her. I truly appreciate her friend, both for her caring and good humor but also because I live too far away to cater to my mother the way her friend does. Clara drives my mother places she would otherwise not go to – including family events up here in our neck of the woods. Recently, Clara has been undergoing a lot of stress on the home front but she still takes the time to visit my mother and make her feel well cared for. So when I realized that a yoga and meditation retreat was being held up here on the very weekend of my mother’s birthday I immediately contacted Clara and asked her if she would consider driving my mother up for the day. I figured they would both benefit from a yoga retreat. It is also a sneaky way ... Read Full Story >>

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