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A Gift In The Mail

For the love and the thoughtfulness that shaped my childhood and still cocoons me today, I can never repay my grandfather or my father... I felt the back of my grandfather’s rough fingers caress my jawline today as he used to when he was still alive; when I was but a child… I received a beautifully stamped envelope from the States in the mail. I immediately recognized Edith Piaf on one of the stamps and my father’s scrawl below. Carefully, I used a knife to open the envelope, knowing that my father occasionally sends me valuable treasure through the mail. Inside, I found another envelope. On it, I saw two scripts. The first one bore my father’s explanation: In the 40’s, my great-grandfather bought a desk. He used it in his office at the family restaurant and when he passed away, my grandfather started using the desk. When the family restaurant sold, the desk was moved ... Read Full Story >>

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Lovingly Wrapped

Today, as I waited for a break in traffic to cross the road, I saw a woman in her car with her young daughter. Both of them were extremely overweight, making their small vehicle appear even smaller. The woman was smoking a cigarette as she drove. The daughter had her face glued to the glass of her closed window, looking forlornly out. I caught myself thinking negative thoughts about them. Then I caught myself thinking about things I could say to them that might ‘help’ them. Then I caught myself thinking negative things about myself for passing judgement on this situation. So I stopped thinking. I started breathing. I didn’t cross the street. I stayed where I was and breathed, not caring what I looked like. I let all my thoughts go in the cold autumn wind that blew down my neck and chilled me. I let go of my thoughts and my expectations and I just ... Read Full Story >>

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