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My Litter-ful Walk

Whenever I walk to the school I teach at I see tons of garbage littering the side-walk and street. In my head, I always think, "One day, I'm going to bring a bag with me and just pick up all the garbage as I walk to school." 

Well, today was the day I finally decided to do it! 

I was heading out with the bag and gloves, and I asked my wife if she wanted to join me. She said yes and we were off!

Surprisingly, it took us about twenty minutes just to pick up the litter on our street and around the block! And then I had to head to school. 

Maybe I can do this every day and, little-by-little, bag-by-bag, my whole route can get cleaned up!

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Ripples In The 5th Grade

Today, after having my 5th grade students share stories about what makes them smile, I shared the 21-day kindness challenge with them. They were super excited! 

I had them write down kindness ideas in their journal. 

As soon as school ended students were coming back into the class to secretly slip mechanical pencils and other small gifts into other students' desks! 

One student came up to me and gave me a hug and said, "This is just the beginning!" The kindness ripples have begun!

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Bus Money

 As I was walking in Berkeley last night, i heard an old man ask another man for bus money. I walked by, but after walking ahead a little... I thought that I'd go back.

I went back and asked the man, if he got his bus money or not. He hadn't, so I asked him, "How much is it?" He said $2.10. I took out $1 bill, and then as I was fumbling for another $1, I pulled out a $20 on accident. The man was like, "No... I'm not going to take a $20."

I found another $1 bill and gave him $2. He was genuinely appreciative. He told me where his destination was and said it got a lot closer now that he had these $2. He thanked me and we went on our way.

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